This week's Bible reading : Joshua: 1 Isaiah: 2

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  • prologos

    So, you thought Joshua had Jehovah on command to make the Sun stand still*? well this week's bible reading shows Isaiah at 2 Kings 20:11 upstaging Joshua! for the prophet prompted the sun not only to stand still, but to reverse, shadows retracing backward. and then moving the right way again.

    * actually the Moon stood still too, so it must have been the rotation of the circle of the earth that stopped.

    There must be some pithy 30 second comments than can be made up about these 'stop and go' stories. like:

    "are we not privileged to have such faith-strengthening true accounts provided by the F&DS---suspension of laws of nature--sovereignty- victory. .

  • username

    It's right up there with talking donkeys.

    Some of the bible writers must have had some serious bad acid!

  • Diogenesister

    Yes Username what is it with these old sand tribe religons and Ass?

    Talking Ass

    Mohamed's Ass with a face

    I mean everbody likes a nice Ass...


  • steve2

    Well, the Bible's opening chapters introduce readers to a talking snake.

    It's kind of downhill from there in terms of credibility.

  • prologos

    uDs; -- right on! but I as looking for comments for the kh, tms, that would let them nod their heads and later scratch them. like:

    Isaiah/Hezekiah received advancing "new shadow" but today we are so blessed to receive 'new light'! theocracy increases.

    Edited for second thought. Isaiah gave us backtracking shadow, GB F&DS gave us backtracking light like in the "superior Authorities" reversal in the 60s.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    If you were given a book of magic realism; would you then go and defend its truthfulness to the death?

    Hell's bells! I did once...

  • prologos
    Half banana yes, and 8 million followers base their life and death decisions on fantasy stories like that, for "all scripture--" sad.
    It is encouraging that there are surer predictor of the future, person of science. next sunday 27 7pm ( not your talk wt study) but a total lunar eclipse, oregon. Aug. 21 2n17 9am, (not your meeting) but a total solar eclipse oregon and all the way east. and you can make the sun stand still for you, by flying east , fast enough.

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