Generation of 1914 BEGONE!

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  • Thirdson
    We often use "generation" in this way. For example, we might say, ‘The soldiers of Napoleon’s generation knew nothing about airplanes and atom bombs.’ Would we be referring just to soldiers who were born in the very same year as Napoleon was? Would we be referring merely to those French soldiers who died before Napoleon did? Of course not; nor would we by such a use of "generation" be trying to fix a set number of years.

    ...It is similar with our understanding of what Jesus said in his prophecy given on the Mount of Olives.

    The way the Watchtower wants to use the "generation of 1914" is to say that we are still the people of Napolean's generation. At some point "generation" will break, it can't encompass everyone who lived since 1914. The First World War generation includes people around the period that started during the Victorian age (another generation long gone). It does not inlcude the post WW II, baby-boomer generation. My grandfather, who died before I was born, was born around 1890 and served as a soldier before and during WW I. He could be said to be of the 1914 generation. My father was too young to serve in WW II and I am a baby-boomer. I don't count myself as part of the 1914 generation anymore than I am part of Napolean's generation. 100 years after 1914, "this generation" will be a bit passed its sell-by date. Expect more new light by 2014.


  • DanTheMan

    Thanks UND'd, I missed this the first time around.

    If the WT is not a false prophet, then there is no such thing as a false prophet!

    I was still fairly new to JWism in 1995, so I really didn't understand what a huge change this was, as a matter of fact I barely paid attention to those study articles. Long time JW's must have gotten sick their stomach when that WT came out. It's like being on a ship where the captain keeps telling you day after day "we're going to hit land any day now, just hold on, according to my calculations we're soooo close". Then a week later he tells you, "I guess I misunderstood the charts, I have no idea when we will hit land, but it should be, real soon now." Then week after week goes by, no land. But you don't dare grumble against the captain's repeated promises of reaching land soon for fear of being thrown overboard. Meanwhile your fellow travellers continually talk about how great the captain is and what a privelege it is to be on his ship.

  • Kenneson

    Very good work Undis. Also, when the remnant has dwindled down to nil, once again we will have "new light." We await with eager expectation. Not.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    "New Light" once more on the Generation of 1914!

    For those of you who have not yet heard, the new teaching as of April 2010, is that the one generation spoken of by Jesus is actually made up of TWO overlapping generations of Anointed Ones. The first generation had to see the events of 1914. Then this generation will overlap with the SECOND generation which will be alive when the Great Tribulation begins.

    They have stated that they had the wrong understanding in 1995. The generation is NOT the wicked people anymore.

    In 2008, "new light" had come out that this generation was made up of ALL of the Anointed Christians since 1914. No overlapping mess then.

  • ziddina

    marking for future reading and reference...

    Good work, Undisfellowshipped!!

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Tomorrow is the day! All of your JW relatives/friends will be "studying" this "New Light" worldwide at the Kingdom Halls tomorrow!

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