How Would You Console A Witness Who Has Lost A Loved One?

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  • minimus

    Let’s say that you haven’t been around a Kingdom Hall in years and everyone knows you are not a “true believer “ anymore. Yet a tragedy strikes and you want to give a real heartfelt expression of your feelings— what would you say? Would you acknowledge the resurrection hope that the Witnesses entertain or say something very different?


    Is this a hypothetical?

  • minimus


  • pale.emperor

    I wouldn't mention the resurrection. If they do i'd say something along the lines of "yes, that's a comforting thought".

    Personally i'd let them know im there for them and highlight some good qualities of the deceased.

  • tor1500


    Just repeat what they tell others about the love of a lost one...give them a track, OR, the famous...TAKE IT TO JEHOVAH IN PRAYER...

    They know about the resurrection hope but when it happens to them....they feel just like all humans, hopeless...

    Humans are all alike, they don't have compassion for anyone else until it happens to them...

    Many can teach it but can't apply what they teach....

    But here's the rub, God sees our hearts...yes, it's would feel good to get them back and tell them what they tell everyone else when they lose someone in death....but that ain't right, so I think the best thing to say....Take it to Jehovah in prayer....then shut up....that alone will make them remember when they said those words to someone one day &&&& it didn't help...


  • FedUpJW

    People grieve when a friend or relative dies. Why would one have to say something different for a JW than for any other human? Express sympathy, share a memory, spend some time listening, be empathetic. This is not the time to "get even", no matter how much you may wish to.

  • punkofnice
    Minnie Mouse - — what would you say?

    If they weren't shunning me, 'I'm sorry for your loss.'

    Would you acknowledge the resurrection hope that the Witnesses entertain....

    Not on your noggin.

    or say something very different?

    Yes. I'd say, 'I'm always here if you need to talk.'

  • flipper

    I've experienced this and what I say to JW former friends or JW relatives is that " I'm deeply sorry for your loss and please know that I'm always here if you ever need to talk. " If it's a JW relative I'll say, " I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm always here if you want to talk or come to visit, my door is always open to you. "

    I NEVER bring up the " resurrection " hope - because the last thing a JW needs is someone feeding them the delusion that their dead loved one is going to come back again. To do that would be reinforcing their fake, pretend beliefs . Much more honest and helpful to just tell them you are deeply sorry, that you are here to support them in any way and you are there if they ever need or want to talk. It's how I see this anyway- because you are offering viable help that you can deliver on- instead of a " pie in the sky " " airie fairie " promise that you cannot deliver on. These JW's get enough fake promises not delivered by the WT Society as it is- why add to those fake promises ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • BluesBrother

    It is not easy, when you know that they are pinning their hopes on a false idea.. I could not repeat a lie.

    I think pale.emporer said it well, above.....

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i agree with punk.

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