You have a $100,000,000 budget to do a global campaign against the WTBS worldwide. How would you spend it?

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot


    "I wouldn't start a campaign with it.

    I'd set up a charity/scholarship to help youths that want to escape the cult get a college education and provide some living assistance while they go to college."

    Like the old saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". There will always be a fresh crop of JWs needing help but preventing members of the public from becoming one of them would best be handled by a public campaign.

  • elderINewton

    Superbowl commercial - I like that idea about a pedo at the door. Only 8 million (two 30 second ads).

    Hire a nation state to hack them beyond belief to get all the data out. Probably only a 2 million charge.

    then let the chips fall.

  • Diogenesister

    Marvin Shilmer14 hours ago
    The answer is easy: Offer each current member of the GB the sum of $10,000,000 to step aside as a GB member and write a memoir on their years as a GB member and that must be accompanied by documentation.
    Watchtower would be toast as we know it today. Over. Done with.
    Multiple GB members would jump on this cash train.

    Oh love it! I anyone, who would be the first your opinion?

    Does anyone think any of the GB are partially awake? Or have they swallowed it hook, line & sinker?

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I would set up some kind of Trust Fund to assist ex JWs dealing with the affects the many years of psychological abuse or other needs. The fund would also assist (financially) anyone wanting to take legal action against the WTBS for whatever reason.

    Then use social media to make known that this Trust Fund actually exists, this would keep costs down and allow the propagation of these ideas to be more targeted.

  • Zoos

    Lobby the governments of the world to make one of Steve Hassan's books a mandatory class for all middle and high school students.

    The passage of time will take care of the rest.

  • mana11

    I currently employ part time people (as i can afford it) to hand out flyer's near kingdom halls. The results are very nice, The witnesses hate preaching near their halls where we have done this.

    I would love to ramp this up to full time across Africa and hit them in their last growth areas thus drying up any potential growth.

    Once people we share information with see this is a cult they will never touch it.

    It makes it impossible for JW's to preach in their once gullible community which had no information about them.

    My funds are small - support is more than welcomed.

  • Zoos
    mana11 agoI currently employ part time people (as i can afford it) to hand out flyer's near kingdom halls.

    What are you handing out? Can you post a copy?

  • dugout
    I would do a reality show featuring watchtower bullshit. JW's acting a fool and crazy. The rest of the money Just watching it in my mansion laughing my ass off.
  • rebel8

    I wouldn't spend that $ on jws at all, but that is beside the point in this fantasy. :)

    Mine would be all aimed at prevention, not saving current jws, because that is much more effective.
    1. Hire legal experts to identify high impact, highly possible legal strategies that could be implemented to significantly reduce cult growth...and implement them in a well thought out, productive manner.

    2. Internet and TV ad campaigns that are professionally created and vetted for effectiveness in cult reduction not just ex-cultists getting catharsis or revenge. The intended audience would be non-cultists and the general message would be reducing the social acceptability of cults.

    3. Hire professional advocates to activate the public to supplement the multi-media campaign with these proven strategies.

    4. Include a single hashtag in a social media campaign all at once to get it trending (which I suggested on this forum but nobody seems interested).

    5. Hire professionals to implement strategies designed to spread anti-cult messaging to visitors to pages with pro-cult messaging (in a legal manner).

    All of these things would have metrics monitored to ensure they are effective and tweaked if they are not.

  • truthseeker100
    If I ever seek political office I would first seek Rebel18's help as a campaign manager. Nice strategy.

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