Hasidem Territory

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  • DanTheMan

    What the hell is going on?

  • proandcon

    Soledad and Blondie are right...the WTS did have a circuit assembly hall in Monroe NY. It was in a beautiful hilly area of Orange County. About 1987, a number of hasidics from Brooklyn NY moved up to the area and began to build very large homes. Several families lived in each home. Over the next few years, many more moved to Monroe. Ultimately, they were able to get their section of the town separated from the Monroe town. They called their new village Kyrias Joel. The had their own village gov't, fire and police, and schools. They were completely independent. JW's in the Monroe area (Highland Congregation) tried to witness there. They were immediately run out. The witness were told not to return or else their would be problems with the assambly hall which was adjacent to the village. So the entire town was a DNC !! (Some JW's would try to speak to hasidics when they were alone in Monroe - with no success at all). About 1997, the WTS sold the ass'y hall to the hasidics. They wanted to build a large assembly hall near the Patterson Farm but were not allowed by the town to do so. Just recently, they completed an assembly hall in Newburgh NY (near I 84)...

  • proandcon

    To soledad...when did you live in Orange County? I was there in 1985-1994...up Rte 17 in the Middletown area...

  • Soledad

    I never lived in Orange county, but I went to that assembly hall for about 13 years or so. Im from NYC. I now work at a company owned by hasidim, they are nice people, not humorless at all. I love working half-day Fridays!!

  • NoStonecutters

    Chabad Lubavitch. One Messianic expectation is that the Chassidics will see late Rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson come back from the dead; the other, the Jewish people itself will be its own Messiah and rule through a world theocracy (Olam ha ba).

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