Did Chuck Russell commit perjury?

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  • Jang

    UH!? <i>There is simply no evidence here that Russell committed perjury. </i>

    Question: (Attorney Staunton) "Do you know the Greek Alphabet?"

    Answer: (Russell) <b>"Oh yes."</b> <<<<<<<<<<<< What is this? A lie????

    Question: (Staunton) "Can you tell me the correct letters if you see them?"

    Answer: (Russell) "Some of them, I might make a mistake on some of them."

    Jan, he told a big great fib!!!!!!! WE had a test on the alphabet after week 2 and had to know it verbally and written by then!!! You either know it or you don't Jan. He lied!!!!!


  • Tallyman
    Tally, Like or dislike of Russell is not the issue here

    Jan, wellll, it's at least part of the issue... 'course we don't want to let our personal feelings get in the way.
    (...adjusting my halo...)

    From the transcript, we can clearly see there is no evidence that he claimed to know the greek language.

    That is Yabsolutely KORRECT!... if you're referring to a f t e r Chuck Russell was caught in his lie.

    If you assert otherwise, you are spreading a falsehood.

    We titled the thread in question form.
    "Did Chuck Russell commit perjury?"
    It's up to the reader to provide the answer - in their own opinion.

    We assert that Chuck Russell spread falsehoods - MANY falsehoods.

    We called him a "Reeel Greek Scholar", not Real Greek Scholar.
    Of course, we thought our sarkasm would be obvious.
    "Reeel", like a fishing reel, attached to a rod, attached to a line, attached to a sinker, attached to a hook, attached to the bait that Kultleaders like Chuck Russell hope the faithful will chow down on, so that they can be "reeeled in"...

    Uhhh, you also noticed the "NOT!" at the bottom of the image... ?

    There is simply no evidence here that Russell committed perjury.

    We, of course, beg to differ. There is ample "evidence" even in that short excerpt. Now, was Chucky ever "charged & convicted" of perjury?
    Committing perjury and being charged and convicted or perjury are two different animals. As we understand it, there is a Very High Bar that needs to be hurdled to convict of perjury.
    * http://www.lectlaw.com/def2/p032.htm

    If you like, we could use some of the gentler synonyms for 'perjury':

    We are comfortable with the 'L' word, however.

  • Tallyman

    when you're snoozing tonite, in the middle of the night-
    you will startle AWAKE!
    and see CHUCKY hovering over you
    leering at you, licking his lips
    and reaching out to touch you
    with one of his wet, cold, tentacles...

    They didn't call him The Jellyfish for nothing, you know!

  • Tina

    Colonel Sanders on crack LOLOLOL........speaking of that......the only leg Russell got was a crispy one from the Colonel.........:D T

  • JanH
    You either know it or you don't Jan.

    Nonsense. It's perfectly possible to think you know them, and then, say, end up mistaking a theta for a phi, especially under the pressure in a court room.

    Since Russell was never tested, we can't know whether he would recognice the Greek letters or not. Ergo, we cannot demonstrate that he committed perjury (which requires definite evidence he stated an untruth with the intent to mislead).

    Finally, JanG, I will have to note that the force of an assertion is very often detoriating at a rate proportional with the number of exclamation marks added to it.

    - Jan
    Faith, n. Belief without evidence in what is told by one who speaks without knowledge, of things without parallel. [Ambrose Bierce, The DevilĀ“s Dictionary, 1911]

  • riz

    Tina oh my god. ROTFLMAO!! Nicely done! That's an instant classic in my book.


  • Tallyman
    the only leg Russell got was a crispy one from the Colonel.

    Teeny, y'all are Kracking me up!

    Whaaa?! ... are you saying that The Pastor never made Whoopie and Konsummated his marriage to Mrs. Russell??

    How about with the young girl who lived with them...?

    We imagine The Pastor on that last train ride, stretched across his divan, reminiscing like Citizen Kane, about his one true love:

  • Tina

    And you're cwackin me up with those bubble thoughts over his head
    Tally! hugs,Teeny


  • Tallyman
  • mommy

    You are a hoot! Don't ever change, pweeze
    Riz and Tina,
    You girls should go in businesss with Tally, you definatly had me rolling on the floor laughing. Thanks
    P.S. Since taking Alka Seltzer Cold off the market I have absoulutly no pain med that I can compare sharing a cocktail withBut it was a fun ride for a bit

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