How my awakening began.

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  • MissDaSilva

    About a month ago I started having a clear out of old clothes, books and bric a brac etc….

    I don’t know what came over me but I decided to chuck out all my old JW literature because we literally have no more room. It started with magazines, then books, ministry literature and once I started, couldn’t stop. Weird right?

    After everything was collected by the dustbin folks, a fog started to clear……I am not joking.

    What happened? 🤔😳

    Since then I’ve been researching, reaching out to you guys and generally breaking away from the watchtower jailers.

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated. 🙏💖

  • MissDaSilva

    Oh and I put 2 Bibles in the dustbin too. 😉

  • Balaamsass2

    When we moved, all the Watchtower literature we accumulated for 3 generations bottomed out my 1/2 ton pickup.

    One of the books was "What has Religion done for mankind?"

    Food for thought.

  • MissDaSilva

    It was all designed to keep us “busy in the troooffff.” 😹

  • jhine

    I know that most people who leave the WT become atheists. That is entirely each individual's choice .

    However as a never been JW , lifelong Anglican l feel sad when l see all denominations lumped together with the Witnesses.

    I see no similarities between the church that l belong to and JW teaching, even to the Bible that they use .

    Jan from Tam

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    when my old jw dad went into a care home--i stripped his house to sell it.

    I found 50 + years of watchtower and awake magazines--each year filed into cereal boxes. Loads of books--and a large box of old congregation records. The whole lot went to the tip. ( together with over 70 plastic tonic water bottles )

    i think its creepy some exjs list old watchtower books on ebay.

  • NotFormer

    MissDaSilva, that's a rather sudden transition. In less than a month from your "epiphany" to engaging with people you previously presumably wouldn't be caught dead with. Impressive 😁

  • MissDaSilva

    I’ve been a bit sceptical for 2 years now after update 10 and the vax push.

    April this year I stopped physically going to meetings and door knocking.

    Funny how things work out differently for each one of us eh? 💥😀

  • TonusOH

    The grip that they have on people is very powerful, because there will be many like me- I did not come anywhere near anti-JW literature or websites until I was convinced I was out (which, in my case, is when I realized I did not believe in god). Once I allowed myself to look at information about the WTS, it was almost overwhelming.

    It is much more difficult to shield people from that information today, since it is within easy reach and it's not easy to know who is reading 'apostate' information. Browse through a bit of JW history and you'll find more than enough info to show you that they are not what they claim to be. The amount of info (much of it from the WTS itself) is staggering. I think that most JWs are about an hour's worth of research from leaving, but it is very very difficult to defy the leadership and seek out this information.

  • enoughisenough

    I find it interesting "the fog began to clear" after you discarded years of literature. I have heard that books of witchcraft have demons attached to them....whereas, I never considered WT literature to be witchcraft, it is supposed to be spiritual enlightenment. Well, it is obvious to many of us that God's spirit isn't behind the organization-so then, what spirit is? I have here the last JW Bible, but plan to throw it out. I would have already but it is the only printed Bible I have at this time in physical form. I don't feel good about reading it- which begs the question: is there a bad spirit attached to it? ....on another note, for years I never tossed anything printed by WT because it was what? sacred!! What fools they made of us all. So the thought occurs to me, maybe JW are under some sort of demonic spell and don't realize it. ( I know you atheist and those who don't have any regard for the Bible will scuff at my comment )

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