Jehovah Witnesses View on medical marijuana?

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  • jwleaks

    In a congregation I was in some 15 years ago a brother was prescribed medical marijuana for his spinal pain relief. He let the elders know just in case anyone in the cong reported him. I was with him when he told the elders. One elder replied that he did not think it was appropriate for Christians. An answer had already been prepared. The brother replied "well if that's the case then I want to report every sister in the congregation for fornication with their gynaecologist." The elder got the point. Another elder smiled and replied "as long as you don't light up in the kingdom hall carpark."

    On a side note: The blood prohibition is in the bible alongside the fornication prohibition. The Watchtower defines fornication as including digital penetration, yet the governing body allows a gynaecologist to perform such an act on a woman with no repercussions because it is a medical procedure. Well, so is a blood transfusion.

  • BluesBrother

    Recreational drugs are totally " verboten" . Having seen reports of some States in USA licensing the production of marijuana for medicinal use, I have wondered how the Society would respond to the use of it if it were prescribed by a real doctor?

    The use of morphine is o k for the terminally Sick , to relieve suffering, and that was a recreational drug in times past. Many medicines can be be abused for pleasure. ...So I don't know.

    Perhaps we will see a QFR on it some day.....

  • Finkelstein
  • NikL

    Actually I started a post on this a while back.

    My wife, (a totally in JW sister) uses it as do several in our local congregation.

    We are in California where it's been legal medically and now available recreation-ally.

    We had a local needs talk on it a couple of years ago and basically it's up to your own conscience.

    A brother wouldn't be eligible for extra privileges if he smokes it however.

    We've even grown our own the past couple of years :-)

  • eyeuse2badub

    The medical benefits of marijuana are well know today. It can help people live a better life in many cases. But, as with the incredibly stupid blood prohibition of the incurably ignorant borg, jw's will be prohibited from it's beneficial use due to archaic thinking.

    But as with blood, I do believe that jw's can accept marijuana fractions! So if the current medical benefits "overlap" the old 'getting high' benefits, it's a matter of conscience! Or something like that.

    just saying!

  • wifibandit

    2011 cg-E Correspondence Guidelines

    DISFELLOWSHIPPING (Cont’d) pg 27

    Misuse of tobacco and nonmedical use of addictive drugs: The nicotine in tobacco is clearly an addictive drug that enslaves the body and mind. Similarly, the use of other addictive drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and betel nut, for recreational purposes is enslaving and is unacceptable in the Christian congregation. (Mark 15:23; 2 Cor. 7:1) The use of addictive drugs under medical supervision,
    such as for pain management, is a personal matter.

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