Apostate driven lies

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  • pleaseresearch

    Ok guys and gals.

    Let's have them. As horrible as this may be I really want to see a few examples. All my life I was taught that apostates just spread lies and falsehoods.

    Yet since I have left the organisation and looked deeply into apostate articles. I've yet to find any. I have been blown away with how accurate and thoroughly researched everything is.

    But there must be a few or even one that was an out and out lie that seem mean ex JW spread or made up.

    Do you know of any?

  • Onager

    You mean lies or falsehoods about the JW's I'm assuming?

    That sort of thing is most likely to be about individuals and personal grievances rather than ideology and teachings. I don't know of any but I imagine it would be something like:

    "All the elders in congregation X are drunkards and their wives are gossips."

    I suppose you could have a statement like "Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas because they secretly celebrate Satan's birthday." But I've never heard anyone deliberately lying about JW beliefs. Why would you need to when their beliefs are obviously nonsense anyway?

  • Drearyweather

    That's mostly individual exaggerations by disgruntled ex-jws. We had a person in one of our conventions with a slogan- 'Thousands of JW children die every year due to refusing blood transfusions'.- This was way exaggeration of a number no one actually knows.

    Some other are claims that JW's have spirit channeling inside Brooklyn and sort of that. And the Johny the Bethelite from the six screens conference calls. Almost dubious and enough to scare lurkers away.

    Can't find the sources but people here may know.

  • pleaseresearch

    Yeah I see. Certain individuals then. I can only comment on the videos and websites I have been to and it's been 100% accurate.

    I needed to make sure by checking the originals which always took time. But those apostate sites were truthful and accurate.

  • nowwhat?

    90% of what apostates say are what was written in the society's publications

  • JaniceA

    I found decades ago that some(few) of the anti JW books would quote WT publication in either a sloppy or misleading way. I did a lot of research pre internet and went to original publications which were easier to find in the 70s and 80s hardcover.

    As it was decades ago, I don't have specific examples, but occasionally it happened. I Remember only 2 examples of outright lies told by a supposed former JW. regarding teachings, but mostly I saw ignorant mistakes (calling the KH a church (which JWs used to reflexively correct with a long winded explanation)) . I saw a few sketchy anecdotes and still do occasionally. The commonest issue I found as a young person seeking answers was sloppy quotes that in my semi indoctrinated way, I felt were being deliberately misunderstood. Now I see a lot of things that a non JW would not understand the same way as a JW. That's because JWs are indoctrinated. I didn't understand that at that point. I do now.

    Most anti JW literature is more sophisticated now, and there aren't so many people who are pissed off and unhinged a bit like in the late 70s.

    No one needs to lie. I think apologists like to go after anecdotal stories because they can't be proved, and they love to go after the trinity, thinking that if they can pull them in with one critical issue, they can keep them, destroying the rest of their teaching by attacking general credibility with trinity issue.

    the problem is that the world, especially america, is more post-christian. The WT was trying to convert Christians before. Now they are getting folks who don't really care about religion or they actively oppose it altogether. The game has really changed. No one needs to lie. The Truth is easy to access.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The only "lies" I have come across are those pertaining to hidden subliminal images, and to be fair even those aren't real lies because for one there actually were a few "easter egg" type images in older literature and secondly the other dubious claims of subliminal images are not deliberate attempts to mislead but just paranoid, super-cynical ex-JWs succumbing to pareidolia.

    Who I do see lying on youtube videos and in the postings on various internet fora, are JW elders and publishers, when they're asked questions that could expose certain unsavory aspects of their religion. Yahoo Answers' Religion and Spirituality section has many examples of JWs giving dishonest answers and comments to hide and deny unsavory facts about their religion pertaining to things like shunning and discouraging higher education.

  • DesirousOfChange

    That's the standard rubber stamp reply to anything critical of the WT/JWs.

    Year ago, I had a BS give me quotes in pdf format of old WT quotes and the Elder I asked about it said that it was not true and no doubt the document had been "changed or altered" by apostates to defame JWs. Now it realize no one has to lie to defame JWs. They've done enough of it on their own through the years.

    Elders/MS that have abused children and been sheltered from the law? WTS paying out MILLION$ in $ettlements? APOSTATE LIES! (Steven Lett said so, so it must be true.)

    WTS a member of the "Image of the Beast" -- United Nations? APOSTATE LIES! (Photoshopped documents)

    GB Geoffrey Jackson admits under oath JWs "would seem presumptuous" to claim they are God's only channel today? APOSTATE LIES! (You can't believe anything you see on the internet!)

  • Magnum

    I can't think of any actual apostate lies right now, but I can say that as an "apostate" myself, instead of spreading lies, I actually correct inaccurate things that I hear people say about JWdom. I recently did that with workmates. I told them that I had been a JW. They said some things about JWdom that were wrong, and I corrected them.

    Apostates are in absolutely no need of lies in their condemnation of JWdom; it has provided an abundance of accurate evidence.

  • Vidiot

    If you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

    This applies to us as much as it does to them.

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