Is this possible?

by WasOnceBlind 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • smiddy

    J.W.`s don`t wake up unless something personal in their own lives is affected , and the timing has to be right for them.

    It can`t be manufactured or manipulated , they have to be ripe for their due time.

    I think everybody on this board would have had questions , ridicule , facts , thrown at them in there height of spirituality , and you would have brushed it off , dismissed it as people who don`t know what there talking about and they are not obviously ready to hear the truth .

    When in fact you were not ready to hear the truth.

    TTATT does not happen overnight , and it takes many straws to break the camels back .

    A small seed planted here and their will have the best affect not a sledge hammer blow.

    Though I understand fully why sometimes we would love to do that. LOL


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