1st month of fading

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  • EverApostate

    Just stop attending meetings. A few would come to pull you back in. Say you are busy. I did this and it worked without much repercussions.

    The move and Pub card transfers - just to escape WT - are not worth it. Its still Playing their game.

  • joe134cd

    If you do the move/pub card thing. You could use the x-husband as been the reason you don't want to give your physical address.

    When I faded I only had 3 people who could be bothered to visit. 2/3 were out in service and left me with Wt magazines. Even to this day I don't know if their total lack of interest should be taken as an insult (for a person who was in for 40 years) or a blessing as it saved me having to deal with them. Hopefully you will be the latter

  • AudeSapere

    Move your publisher record card to the new congregation.

    If you are close enough, visit your OLD congregation once or twice in the next couple of months.

    Go to your new congregation only a few times during the first 2 months because you are having trouble shaking that cold.

    Have meetings at work a few times on meeting nights (but go see a movie, even if just by yourself).

    Go to ANOTHER, different hall and only stay for 30 minutes or so.

    Go to ANOTHER, hall for 30 minutes of so, if one is near enough to you.

    Anyone who asks, you can honestly say that you are attending a few different halls and you are still fighting that darn cold! You think it might be more than just a cold and you don't want them to catch it. Work is going great, you are really happy with your move and overall you are doing just great. Thank you for asking. Gotta go, my phone is ringing.

    All the best to you with a successful fade.

  • AudeSapere

    Best not to respond before reading the thread. I change my suggestions. My above suggestions worked for me - although I was NOT trying to fade at the time. It just worked out that way. This may not be the best way for the OP.

    In the OPs situation (children and separation from loyal JW), change of phone number and leave record card where it is actually sounds better. Utilize email communication because you are very busy with the move and fighting the cold and because you want to really hear and understand what your spouse is saying and take time to respond because you want to give the matter respectful consideration. (and it gives you record of coercion, if you need it.)

    Definitely get involved with other parents and playmates for your kids. Does your local library have story time for children? Go there!

    Maybe start a thread asking how other make friends for both themselves and their very young children.

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