WT OCT 2015 - 3 Questions People Would Like to Ask God - how about you?

by ttdtt 14 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • ttdtt

    What would you ask?
    I would ask:

    1: Where the "F" are you, since there are no signs of your existence?

    2: Why did you "create" life forms that by default hate to follow what your rules.

    3:. From what I read in the bible, why are you such a petulant, vengeful, bi-polar nut who seems to only look for flesh and spirit to kiss you enormous godly ass?

  • ttdtt
    I can imagine some of the responses they will get at the door:)
  • ttdtt
    Why so many new songs is a good one too:) Were the old ones pagan?
  • eyeuse2badub

    I fear you but why don't I love you?

    just saying!


  • sparrowdown

    Yo, G-man, how's it hangin, how about those JWs sayin they represent you?

    Wo sparrow, who the f in my green earth are JWs?

    You know, G, Jehovah's Witnesses, you chose them as your PR agents on the earth?

    The f I did, I don't have any "agents" as you say on the earth. Been there, done that, it didn't work out the guy only lasted three years before they crucified him. Damn tough crowd down there.

    Then, who are JWs and all the other religions?

    How the f should I know, go ask Satan he has had quite a bit of success in the earth market.

  • Late Bloomer
    Late Bloomer
    Who created you?
  • Landy
    Who created you?

    The often overlooked question.

    JW: look how wonderful and complex life is, it must have had a creator.

    Normal person: so any complex lifeform must have had a creator?

    JW: well, yes, of course.

    Normal person: ok, so.....who created God then?

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    1. Are you really there?

    2. Why are you a "missing in action" non-interventionalist?

    3. Why did you opt for creative systems and processes that both rely on and produce so much suffering?

  • Bonsai

    1. Why do we often die at an age when we have finally started to figure ourselves out and the world around us?

    2. Where the **** have you and your homeboys been for the last 2,000+ years?

    3. Why are you so racist only exposing yourself through the Jews and then the predominantly western nations?

    Bonus Question: Why did you create so many living organisms whose sole function is to kill us and other living organisms?

  • ttdtt

    1: So god, if you really love everyone and dont want to kill just about the whole world, why not a Booming voice in the sky in all languages at the same time. That would kinda let everyone know your for real. Why use a book that can be interpreted a million ways, and then use uneducated, untrained people (JWs) to tell people kinda what you think? You know these people could not sell water in the desert, for the most part? Hey also in your "book" it would have been really cool if you had like mentioned something about quantum physics, or the speed of light, or something that could only have been discovered in our time? I think you just phoned it in this time man, you could have done much better if you just put your gigantic mind to it.

    2: So god, if you created man out of love, and not because you were not already perfectly happy and fulfilled, why did you do that only 6K years ago? I mean why not a billion years ago, or 10 trillion years ago? So what changed? Did you get lonely? If you were totally cool alone forever, why did you start making things?

    3: So god can you make a Rock so big you can't lift it?

    4. So god, can you remember ALL THE WAY BACK?

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