Never in my wildest dream would I ever see one of those dog gone carts

by Tameria2001 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • smiddy3

    Of course its a young kid who is manning the cart who has no idea of all the flip flops ,false prophecies of the end times in over 140 years of the big "A" and the GT being just around the corner which by the way is on a roundabout ,so its never going to happen .

    Seriously ? this is what they have stooped to ?

    So pathetic.,

  • dozy

    I rarely see the trolleys these day ( our town banned them as our local council requires a permit to advertise on the street in this way & the congregation refused to pay up ) but I saw one (unmanned) recently at an airport , beside another similar trolley from a evangelical Christian group.

    It was mainly filled with ( public ) WT & Awake magazines and never having seen any for a few years. I picked up a pair. They were embarrassingly thin both on content and in substance - literally a 5 minute flick through. The stand was full - either it had been recently replenished or ( more likely ) the magazines rarely get taken. All in all - it did seem a bit pointless and ineffective.

  • ShirleyW

    Come to NYC and visit some of the subway stations and you won't be able to escape them. Two or more right across from each other and at some stations they have tables set up with four or five people standing there. It reminds of the sisters who have a study with someone at their home, but she invites four or five other sisters to come with her so they can get an hours time in by just sitting around someone's dining table.

  • Betheliesalot

    Sometimes I see magazines in waiting rooms at hospitals as if the hospital is promoting religions in their magazine racks and I feel it is my duty to seek them out and throw them into the trash. No one should be exposed to this mental virus especially in a hospital.

  • pepperheart

    Good for you betheliesalot after all you wouldnt leave bottles of poison lying around would you

  • Tameria2001

    I do the same thing, Betheliesalot, whenever and where ever I see them. One time while I was out walking, some odd reason I decided to take a detour and found a city bus stop, this location is also at a University parking lot. I decided to sit down for a bit to take a rest when I noticed a huge selection of Watchtower and Awakes. I ended up filling up two trash cans with the amount of trash (those magazines) that was left there. Too bad there was not a recycle bin there instead, would much rather the paper been recycled instead of filling up the garbage dump.

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