Wine Recommendations--For Memorial Celebration at Home

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  • PopeOfEruke


    my tip may be a little macabre, but what about trying an "Egri Bikaver" from the Eger region of Hungary? Translated it means "Bull's Blood" as it is a rich deep red colour, like bulls' blood.

    The legend is that the town of Eger was under siege by the Turks; the Hungarians were planning a counter-attack and to fortify themselves they all drank a big draught of their local wine. When they appeared on top of their fortified city's wall, the Turks saw the bright red wine dripping from their mouths and beards, and thought they had been drinking bull's blood to give them magical strength over their enemies. Supposedly the Turks were so frightened at this they fled the city and Eger became the only city in Hungary to never fall under Turkish rule.

    Anyway, I thought the "blood" connection would make Egri Bikaver a perfect Memorial wine. Whatever you choose, make sure to drain the bottle!

    The Pope

  • blondie

    Ozziepost, I just want to have on hand what Jesus as a Jew would have had. I want to have what orthodox Jews would be drinking at the Passover this year. I am not trying to copy the JWs.

    My husband and I are evaluating our feelings about "the Memorial" and while not attending at the KH still want to show appreciation for the covenant Jesus made with his followers by drinking the wine and eating the bread.

    I'll add port to the list, but not just because JWs use it.

    Pope, thanks for the colorful suggestion.


  • ozziepost

    G'day Blondie,

    I just want to have on hand what Jesus as a Jew would have had. I want to have what orthodox Jews would be drinking at the Passover this year.

    You may be interested in visiting this site:

    The organisation known as Jews for Jesus is international in scope and operates here downunder too. Last year I attended a communion conducted by one of their leaders with all the authentic ingredients, even the bitter herbs. Recall that the first "Memorial" came at the end of a passover meal. Actually, I've been invited to another such occasion next weekend. I know they can provide much information along the lines of what you need.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Blondie,

    I don't know where you are, but I have to imagine there's a Jewish synagogue not far from where you are. Give them a call or stop by for a visit and ask someone there. It will be a pleasant "multi-cultural" experience that the WTB&TS would deny you, and you'll get the straight answer direct from the source.

    Good luck!

  • Englishman

    Try an Amarone sometime.

    Italian, Chianti-beating Amarone. Dark and musky, Hannibal Lecter should have stuck with the fava beans and dumped the Chianti.


  • blondie

    Nathan, I know you mean to be helpful, but just like "Christianity" there are at least 5 different sects of Judaism that I am aware of and only one is represented here where I live the liberal Judaism. Many people are also familiar with the Hasidic Jews which have many religious differences from liberal and even orthodox Jews. So I doubt I will get the scriptural answer from any of them, just their traditions. When I was a JW it was surprising to me to see that Jews were not united in their religious beliefs. I have also talked with people who are Jews for Jesus.

    Thanks everyone. I didn't mean this to become a search for religious beliefs just adhering to the Bible record for the type of wine used when Jesus was on earth. If that makes me a JW still.....

  • gumby

    Hi Blondie,

    Evidently......"types" of wine isn't even a factor in some churches. I used to attend a baptist church and they served grapejuice. I've attended other churches who do the same. I never knew if part of the reason is because of underage children who partake.......which is many of them.I also know that many of those groups do not approve of alcohol...and so use grapejuice. Do YOU feel the "type" is a factor?


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Blondie, I wasn't suggesting that you get involved in a theological debate with anyone, just ask them, "what wine do you use for your Passover celebration? Where can I get some?"

    My thinking is that it should be simple wine without additives. Just grape juice and yeast, allowed to work to completion. I have heard that some commercial wines use "clarifiers" like beef blood. I'm sure that would be out, and I doubt that first centruy winemakers used sulfur dioxide or sulfites as preservatives in their wine. You could even make your own wine at home. It will not be a five star wine - in fact it may be barely palatable - but it will be authentic natural wine.

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