Does the watchtower view anyone that is Df as Gods,enemy

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  • Fisherman
    think if you not part of there family or close friends many view the df as a person that has leprosy.

    That I've heard many many years ago, but not lately. But a person can feel that way when no one will deal with him.

  • SummerAngel

    For any lurkers misguided out there the shunning has no biblical basis whatsoever. Ask them to show you a single instance in the bible where Jesus ever disfellowshipped anyone. Those who were repentant were forgiven instantly. Did Jesus say sit at the back for 6 months then you can rejoin the club no forgiveness was instant and rejoicing then happened. The prodigal son is far more about forgiveness then repentance and was instant and constant. The argument about cleansing the congregation falls down because more often than not those daft enough to confess are already feeling guilty or care confessing historical stuff so the argument put by one of the posters earlier is utterly meaningless. For example I know someone that had been living with their boyfriend when out of JW, they felt guilty wanted to come back, moved out planned to marry typical periodical son scenario was there much rejoicing and forgivenes. Are you kidding this is WTS it's sit at the back for a year and think about the error of your ways.

    Can I also Chuck in when did Jesus give any other human the power to forgive sins. Could this be another nod to JWs Catholic roots??

    They hold this ridiculous view that if if we don't Dis then everyone will run riot but the irony is because they encourage people to mindlessly obey rules rather than develop their immoral compass JWs are frequently less principled, and nastier than those outside it, this is further fuelled by the attitude if you ain't in it you don't matter so they can feel they have no moral obligations to outsiders.

    Incidentally I do think WTS have missed a trick because with numbers dropping and so many trying to leave they should loosen not tighten the controls. For example if instead of counting as Dissed those who disappeared long ago or the inactive if they put these into their numbers they could artificially show an increase.

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    An interesting question because if you are df'd for sex, drugs, thievery etc you are weak and maybe will change however, if you question whether the governing body is the channel of the creator of the universe it's another story. You will be considered the enemy if you can't get behind the idea of fire breathing angels killing 7 billions humans at Armageddon. You are expected to approve of everything the GB says as if it comes from god and accept that it is your fault not god's if all those people have to die. Remember the time you laughed and drank coffee when you were supposed to be out knocking on doors. So yes if you are df'd for "APOSTASY" you will be considered an enemy of god and those angels will come for you.

  • TD

    Could this be another nod to JWs Catholic roots??

    Okay, I'm lost. -Maybe I need another cup of coffee...

  • EverApostate

    WT considers anyone who rebels against WT as Gods enemies rather than those who sinned and were disfellowshipped.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Anybody else concerned about Poopie's wellbeing?

    This is the first time a post of him made any sense ....must be something wrong

  • Vetiver

    I think it depends if the person is considered a threat to the idealogy, or tries to unmask the history of the organization of The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society... did I type that up correctly? I think Raymond Franz because of his publications is a main example of this. Sad that you can be a repeated pedophile though and still be given the chance to come back to the halls. Some of these people just go to new halls in other states or so I've read. Just gives me the creeps. Sometimes they aren't caught for decades.

  • ssn587

    Seeing as how the rank and file consider the "slave" as "G's" mouth piece, then of course they view those disfellowshipped as enemies of their god the faithless and indiscreet slave masters.

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