Be extra careful if you choose to drive tonight.

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  • Sabendar

    I thought it was funny... Though I wouldn't describe myself as the model of political correctness or appropriate behavior lol...

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Here in the US the the most dangerous holidays for drivers number #1 Memorial Day weekend and the city most dangerous, Houston. Christmas is listed at number 7 in the city of San Antonio, 2015......

  • Simon
    He's saying that woman are bad drivers therefore dangerous

    Nothing ruins a joke like explaining it!

    Not all women are bad drivers, and on the whole women are statistically safer than men (certain age groups, milage etc...)

    It's a JOKE !!!

    (but yeah, women drivers!)

    PS. Whenever I'm in my friends car and she's reversing, I bang my hand on the door and she think's she's hit something. Am I a bad person? ;)

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    When I'am driving the wife give me endless driving instruction, when she is driving I can't look at her no talking while she is driving and no quick movements by me. I have pulled over many times and told her, you drive.

  • Finkelstein
    Am I a bad person? :wink:

    Yes repent !

    My mother was the worst driver in the world but a super mother and person.

    Sorry mom

  • WTWizard

    It's not the women drivers--who can sometimes be better than the men (and always better than men that are drunk). It's the men drivers that are drunk and too proud to let someone else do the driving. Drink driving is always extremely dangerous and illegal, and it is better to let your wife do the driving if you are drunk.

    Even an adolescent would be a better driver than someone that has been drinking too much. If the teenager is sober, they might be able to react to problems or to avoid them in the first place. Drink drivers (and weed drivers, for that matter) cannot.

  • Prefect


    Whenever I'm in my friends car and she's reversing, I bang my hand on the door and she think's she's hit something. Am I a bad person?


    You are a Hooligan. lol

  • NotNew

    Really ...I had a few last night and we went to pick up a pizza, and my wife asked if I was able or should she drove. Doesn't make me a woman [email protected]

    Your not getting the intent of what REG thread is about.

    He's saying that woman are bad drivers therefore dangerous

    Are you still drunk or have low comprehension.


    Your correct in that I did not read the post correctly...take back the “aHole” however I may give it back at the end of my reply.

    After further analysis of the post I find it know as a joke. Doesn’t mean he is a woman hater! There are many topics that are clearly misandrists and goes on noticed. I’m glad I have a sense of humor and not looking for fault in everything. A joke is a joke.

    Now to answer your question on being drunk.. I wasn’t drunk just had two, but thanks for your concern.

    On my ability to understand...yes sometimes I need or should read to understand fully what is being said, however I don’t and jump to conclusions. Thanks again for pointing that out. I’ll try and do better!

    My conclusion is still the was a joke and not misogyny.


  • compound complex
    compound complex
    Thanks, NotNew, for the not, not new word. From GOOGLE dictionary:

    1. dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men (i.e., the male sex).
      "her brand of feminism is just poorly disguised misandry"
  • sparrowdown

    "Lots of people are drinking heavily and letting their wives drive."

    If by "people" you mean "men" then the answer is simple; equal opportunity drunkenness and a designated driver - male obviously

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