Did anyone learn the truth from having their prayers answered by a knock at the door and then eventually leave the JWs?

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  • truthseeker

    I know of one person who had a difficult life, prayed for help, got the knock at the door, got baptized and eventually left the JWs believing they were a cult.

    Has this happened to any of you? And if so, did you still feel your prayers were answered at that time?

  • nicolaou
    Prayers are never answered, it's that simple.
  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I no longer believe in God but I do believe in coincidences.

    I was a depressed and struggling single Mum. The witness that knocked on my door knew me as a child when I lived in Norway as my dad was his boss when they were both serving in the British Royal Navy in Oslo.

    I thought it was a sign as I had bought a Bible only that week and was struggling to comprehend the rubbish I was reading. Brothers having sex with their sisters, daughters with their father!

    I was convinced by them back then in 1984 but woke up 2009.

  • cantleave
    This apparently happened to my mother. She was suffer from post-natal depression and was expecting me. She was scared of the hippy movement, the drug culture and the perceived break-down of respect for authority that was occurring in the mid-sixties......so she prayed for direction. Lo and Behold they came-a-knocking and our family was fucked from that moment on.
  • JeffT
    Does "informal witnessing" count? If so, that would be me. During a very bad period in my life I started talking about the Bible with a friend who had become a JW. This was in 1972-73 during the run up to 1975. I was baptized in 1973. I started getting disillusioned with the witnesses a few years later and eventually DA'd in 1989.
  • deanxxx
    Am I right in saying JWs teach that god no longer performs miracles? I guess it depends on your definition of miracle (for which there is no consensus, naturally) but surely a knock on the door after praying is a form of miracle if god is behind it? If not, then it is pure coincidence (which of course it is).
  • freemindfade

    My wife, I have argued with her about it that its BS

  • deanxxx

    One more thing on the subject of miracles. I remember hearing JWs telling all sorts of tall stories of 'divine intervention' occurring in our era. One that comes to mind was a story about an illegal JW meeting getting raided by the KGB in Soviet Russia. The officers did a thorough search of the property but found nothing illegal - the JWs had hidden all the books and bibles in the oven. The KGB were about to leave when one officer stopped and headed straight back to the kitchen, realising there was one place he hadn't looked. When he moved towards the oven and opened it the JWs went ashen and feared the worst. He peered in, paused for a moment, turned to look at the worried looking JWs and then promptly closed the oven door. Apparently God had made the books invisible.

    If the story has any truth to it then what would be more likely was the officer decided not to arrest the witnesses because he was enough of a decent human being...or just couldn't be bothered with all the paperwork.

  • KateWild

    I like that fmf, lol very good

    Kate xx

  • Perry

    Left the JW's at age 12 or 13 mentally. By age 23 I was done with living without God in my life and prayed and prayed. I joined the JW's for 8 years then quit cold turkey. It never occurred to me to seek Jesus on my own.

    I don't blame God for the years I wasted as a JW.

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