A simple explanation for the financial changes

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  • tornapart
    Maybe it's got something to do with getting involved in hedge funds from 2010 onwards and their investments have all gone pear shaped.
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The two entities of WTBTS and the CCOJW are distinctly separate in every legal sense, because one has total financial power, while the other controls all religious & doctrinal matters. (allegedly!)

    In reality, one is the puppet-master, while the other is nothing more than a religious marionette which is used as a means to convince millions of people that it is the only route to salvation, and needs their finances.

    The puppet-master has acquired the bulk of the cash, but has made drastic losses via bad investments. Now the marionette is about to compound the problem, thanks to its corrupt handling of child-rape throughout its membership.

    Time for the puppet master to renege on the KH/Assembly Hall construction promises, and squirrel the hoard of cash away. Promises are made to be broken - 'Mother' has to look after herself !

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Honestly I used to dismiss the claims that there was someone behind the GB pulling the strings but the money grab that has taken place over the last year coupled with the freezing of construction leads me to believe that as crazy as it sounds, it may be true.

    JeffTs theory though makes the most sense. They are crazy and not good at managing their money and are reactionary as opposed to strategic. I keep trying to understand their moves in a logical business like fashion and that's where I get hung up. Because they don't have folks with good business sense making business decisions.

  • Vidiot
    All the dipshit decisions the WTS has recently made are exactly the kind one makes if one is convinced God's got their back, no matter what.

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