Ozzie's Wine of the Month for February

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  • onacruse

    I understand the need for red wines, and truly I sympathize with those who must limit their consumption to such vin ordinaire, but there is simply no "product of the vine" (NWT ) like:

    Chateau Yquem

    Sauternes, Bordeaux

    Chateau Yquem
    The history of Yquem (like its wine) keeps a mystery even today. If the vineyard has been existing for a long time, the present castle is rather quite recent (the oldest parts date from the 15th century). In 1993, four hundred years old were celebrated at Château Yquem. It was on the 8th of December 1593 when Jacques de Sauvage acquired in tenure simple by an agreement of exchange of estates "la maison appelée Yquem...", a Crown's property at that time. Under Louis XVI, in 1785 exactly, the domain of Yquem came into the Lur-Saluces family by the marriage of Françoise Joséphine de Sauvage, the "Lady of Yquem", with Louis Amédée de Lur Saluces.

    Chateau Yquem
    Chateau d'Yquem is unquestionably one of the finest and most highly sought after dessert wines in the world. In the famous 1855 classification, Chateau d'Yquem was the only wine to be accorded the rank of Grand Premier Cru. Even the top Bordeaux red wine producers, such as Lafite and Latour, were simply classed as Premier Crus. Only one glass of wine per vine is produced at d'Yquem after a painstaking harvest and severe selection in the winery.


    I've tried a few First Growths (Premiers Crus)
    Château de Rayne-Vigneau (Bommes)
    Château Suduiraut (Preignac)
    Château Climens (Barsac)
    Château Rieussec (Fargues)

    To die for!

    Ozzie, sorry if I'm diverting here...I just couldn't help myself However, since the Sauternes vineyards are right in the heart of Bordeaux, well, I guess there's a logical connection here.


  • jst2laws

    Hello Ozzie,

    I just dicovered Shiraz about a month ago. I can't get Joy to try it because she is stuck on Merlot, as most are aware. She just picked up a couple of bottles this morning, one Merlot and a bottle of Gallo Shiraz. Why Gallo. BECAUSE I AM CHEAP. However, the Gallo Shiraz is about $8 dollars a bottle too, so I need to find a good shop that handles your recommended wine. As I become more refined I may be able to tell the difference in a good Shiraz and Gallo Shiraz.

    Keep up the wine of the month please. You may win me over to the more expensive wines.


  • plmkrzy

    I really miss a good glass of wine. I can't endulge anymore but I can still read.

    Once in a great while, I will toss caution to the wind and have a glass anyway. However, when I do, it seems my blood converts into pure cane sugar for about 2 days.

  • Princess

    I can't believe I missed this thread!!!

    I wholeheartedly agree with Eman and Mom, Killerby is the BEST! I made Christmas Eve dinner so much more enjoyable.

    My family has a bit of stomach upset this weekend. I was planning on a trip to the store for a bottle of ginger ale but I think I need to add a bottle of shiraz. A little red is good for the stomach, no? Sounds better than anything right now.

    Steve and Joy, please stop with the Gallo and check out the Australian section at the wine shop. I don't know where they sell wine in Florida but here in Washington the grocery stores generally divide wine by country. There are so many good Australian shiraz' for around $10, sometimes sale priced cheaper. I always go for the Windham Estates bin 555 Shiraz, black bottle, black label. Rosemount is good too but bin 555 is my fave after the Killerby of course!

    Windham makes a good cab too, I'm not big on merlot. Not full bodied enough I guess.


  • ozziepost

    Glad you enjoyed it, Princess. I agree with the comments about Rosemount, I know that there are other JWD posters who enjoy a Rosemount Shiraz. A word of caution: make sure it's not a "blend". IMO that's rather sickly. Get the full-bodied drop. Costs more but it's worth it.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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