Looking at the pics of Warwick... I'm chocked.

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  • Scully


    I had an employee of mine just use their paid vacation time to go volunteer.

    It was galling to know I was paying for that....

    I understand where you're coming from, I really do. I'm sure you realize that what an employee does with their vacation time is their business. They've earned it, according to whatever labour relations regulations apply in your jurisdiction. At least you won't have to endure any on-the-job preaching while they're away. ;-)

  • millie210

    So true Scully!

    I had to laugh about the no preaching whilst theyre away! woo hoo! yay!

    just kidding, this person is pretty tactful actually

    This person is a great worker and I care for them very much personally. We have been friends for over 30 years- since we were kids..

    I would just wish for them a nice trip to a beach somewhere....but as mentioned above - this is what makes them happy

  • prologos
    It is understood that the Pyramids were build with the same volontier system.will warwick measure up?
  • LostGeneration

    Its a loyalty test, and of course has the side benefit of raking in a couple billion bucks.

    The elites will go work and be praised back home as self sacrificing. Extra days of everlasting life to be earned there for the true believers.

  • Billy ex Blaze
    Billy ex Blaze
    Shocking isn't it?
  • OneFingerSalute

    @Doc said

    "They can brag about it. . .they can send back photos that everyone will oooh & aaah over."

    That is pretty much the entire reason for anyone going there as far as I can see. The first eldurr from this area to go went for two weeks, and when he got back they had a special picture showing on the KH big screen TV. OFS refused to go and was scolded for not supporting the brothers hard work.

    The second eldurr to go had to one up the first one so went for one month. Of course everyone is all abuzz about the "privilege" of working for free they got.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I guess somehow, I believed that much more people than this would be passively resisting the society. It is one thing to be quiet in order to avoid being looked down upon or even reproved. Yet, it is quite another to participate actively in all this. Both the people volunteering and the people giving them praises!

    I’m just surprised by the amount of support they are all getting, even from those praising the volunteers. Unless many who do not even believe that crap just go with the flow and actually praise the volunteers without believing it.

    For instance, my dad (ministerial servant) once told me: “Son, pioneers get all the praises and that’s fine. But most of us don’t want to be them. Most elders and ministerial servants aren’t pioneers. Why? Because we provide for the families and even, from time to time, for those pioneers! Don’t be a looser, go to school!

    So, I sat there, hearing my Dad make talks about pioneering straight out of high school and at home, he was telling me the exact opposite.

    But then again, I put myself in anyone’s shoes: What would I do if a brother told me in field service: “Hey I spent two weeks at Warwick!”? Can someone simply ignore that? Or respond with: “Oh that is nice.”, and change the subject? Or even ask: “Why?” If you do that to a volunteer, I suspect the conversation will become very ackward and you will land in that second school with two elders in no time.

    What I am saying is that we could be surprised by the amount of people that appear to be supporting all this and in their heart, they don’t.

  • hoser
    I've commented before. I don't subsidize multi million dollar corporations with my time or money. I'll invest in me.
  • Vidiot

    ecan6 - "...a MINI CITY..."

    Ever since I first found out about the Warwick compound, one word has been quietly but stubbornly percolating in the back of my mind...



  • Vidiot

    ecan6 - "...I believed that much more people than this would be passively resisting the society."

    I suspect more and more are.

    Why else do you think they've cranked up the donation rhetoric?

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