Looking at the pics of Warwick... I'm chocked.

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  • StephaneLaliberte

    I am truly chocked and baffled by the number of volunteers they got for this project; especially in the states.

    Looking at one of their articles on the matter, they stated that a large portion of the printing work was delegated to other locations than NY, thus, they did not need as much space as they did in NY. Also, it was stated that operation cost in NYC were expensive.

    Since they didn’t need that much space, they could have sold some buildings. Than, with the sale's profits, transform the other buildings you already own to suit your needs! Operation costs? I don’t understand. Electricity and water would roughly be the same price and they don’t pay property taxes; what am I missing here?

    Instead, they sold EVERYTHING and build a MINI CITY right next to a lake! How is this reasonable?

    The obvious reason is that they cached in on the sale of ALL these high value properties. So than, how can they feel justified to require so much time from these volunteers when they could pay for it all? How many of these volunteers have put a pause on their lives and that of their family to contribute to that project over 4 years??


    Some of these people have visibly forsaken their retirement plans for something that was not absolutely needed. It is one thing to help your religion in need, I can understand that. But when your religion considers your as disposable income in its overall business strategy, that’s just wrong.

    How can so many volunteers be oblivious to this? I am truly shocked! Even when I was ALL IN, I would not have approved this.

    Heck, I could have understood a scenario in which the UN seized the NY properties and we would have built something somewhere else. But this?? Its capitalism barely hiding behind Theocracy.


    Probably all this has already been covered, but for some reason, it just struck me harder today.


    I haven't contributed a damn thing! 😬


  • joe134cd
    I certainly can resonate with your comments. A hall that I was personally involved with had 2 major refurbishments done to it in the space of a few years. With in a year after the 2nd refurbishment there suddenly arouse a need to sell the renovated Hall and build a new one. Coincidently this was in a major industrial area with land out the back so another hall could be built, to allow for further expansion. I hole heartedly gave my best to those projects, and the irony is I didn't even occur to me that this was all just a property flip. Looking back I just can't believe how asleep and gullible I was.
  • millie210
    Isnt this really the retirement village for the old Bethel cats and the GB?
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I hear you. But the people going to work on it are happier than flies on crap to be doing it. It's such an utter waste of time. Usually people go for only a week or two at a time to work. This kind of format seems incredibly wasteful. By the time they get there and Comfortable on your assigned project it is time to leave. You get yourself there on your own dime. You pay for your own lodging while there. And I believe you supply your own tools as well. It is quite the racket.
  • DesirousOfChange

    Volunteering makes these people feel good -- feel special -- feel needed. They come home to special attention, special "privileges". The elders will keep it in consideration when they appoint MS/Elders. The CO will consider it when choosing those to give talks and demos. They can brag about it, but so can all their family members. ("My husband/brother/son/nephew volunteered at Warwick this month.") They can send back photos that everyone will oooh & aaah over. Keeping people more involved is good for keeping them feeling good as part of the Organization. So overall, it's a smart move on the WTS -- free labor that says 'Thanks for inviting me to have a share in this". The WTS couldn't care less what the compromise in their financial welfare. They will milk them for everything they can.

    The printing was sent to Canada and Germany and elsewhere because in the US the WTS has to pay for any medical costs of volunteers at Bethel. Much more economical to get volunteers where the Gov't pays their healthcare costs.


  • StephaneLaliberte

    ignoranceisbliss, you are right that people going there are very happy... I remember when i participated in construction projects, it felt like I was in a giant playground for kids. And there was just something about working like an animal and get a good looking sister bring up some refreshments. I felt like THE MAN. But those were just weekends at a time, and I was single.

    So, only two weeks at a time? Have you heard of brothers and sisters doing the "two weeks" more than multiple times? As for the accommodations, didn't the society rent out a motel near by for these volunteers?

  • millie210

    Yes they are happy going to work there...

    I had an employee of mine just use their paid vacation time to go volunteer.

    It was galling to know I was paying for that....

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I know a " brother" that has flown from Caliornia twice to paint. For only 1 week each time. As for accommodations I think it varies. I know that some pay to stay at hotels. Others may get to stay for free. Someone from our hall has gone twice (bout 12 hour drive) to do a menial trade job. He is hoping to go again in December.
  • Scully

    Why pay for labour when people are willing to do it for free, *and* procure a measure of prestige for themselves for being part of the construction project? It's not like the old days where any old JW could just walk onto a building site either for a Quick Build™ Kingdom Hall™ or Assembly Hall™ - now every person on the site must be vetted as to their skill set and their Spiritual Qualifications™.

    If the WTS can get their labour at no cost, and materials at cost or donated, they will take it. It's part of their Take-Take-Take modus operandi.

    As an aside, they seem to be far more concerned about the qualifications for anyone participating in a building project than they are ensuring that people coming in contact with children are safe to do so.

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