Bethel Photos and more!!

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  • mattnoel

    Further to what happens when the government realises it has lost out on all that tax and wants it back !!!!

    now being from England and being taxed on EVERYTHING, they would want that back pretty damn sharp.

  • dedalus
    So, they spent their vacation travelling to bethel, where they took over 1000 pictures. Man, they must have documented every square inch of the place.

    My thoughts exactly -- time for a vacation, and you choose to go to a FACTORY???

    If anything makes the Organization looks like a corporation, those pictures do, right down to the slaves factory workers in quality control! Nothing like wasting your life doing a monkey's job without pay using your unique talents for the work of the Lord!


  • Kenneson

    Read about the latest reaction to Watchtower expansionism.

  • back2dafront

    This couple obviously spends a lot of time on the internet. I wonder if they'll get REPROVED. haha

    Yeah, Patterson is the GB's retirement resort IMO. Before I went to Brooklyn I worked there for a month, and then while in Brooklyn I commuted back and forth for awhile working on a computer project. There wasn't really much going on there besides the Gilead stuff...a few of the departments were moving from Brooklyn to up there, but it's been so long now I forget which ones - Art maybe? Yeah, i think it was...I liked Patterson a lot because it was so close to where I was born (Connecticut) and it was indeed a nice break from the NYC city life.

    But I couldn't help but wonder how worldwide contributions could support such enormous, elaborate establishments. Most congregations I've been affiliated with barely covered their monthly expenses, and I for one never donated a whole lot to the WWW. It always seemed fishy to me and still does.

    Who knows how much money the GB has personally, however I know they enjoy their postions. Their needs are more than taken care of. They travel the world for free, and everywhere they go they are treated like superstars. (I always thought it was interesting how they ALWAYS picked the nice carribean islands and countries to visit). They may or may not have a lot of money personally, however they never have to be concerned about it because they get anything they want for free, and the dubs contributions certainly make all of that possible.

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