Bethel Photos and more!!

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  • qwerty

    Brings back memories, the U.S pics anyway.

    My wife thought that after visiting Brookly and Patterson I would then change my mind about stopping attending meeting etc; it did the opposite. Like Balistic I thought..........look at all the real estate!

    There are African JW who have to travel miles to KH's and assemblies only to sit on planks in 100+ temps. No monies = no beautiful buildings. You would think the borg would GIVE funds to 3rd world JW's so thay can at least have a nice KH!

    Uncle Onion ask me on my return to the UK what my first thought of Patterson was.............To sum it up in one word, I replied, Wako!


  • NameWithheld

    Wow, Patterson sure is a richly decorated place for all that ... uh, education that is going on there.

  • Elsewhere

    Is it just me or does it look like they are stuck in a time warp somewhere between 1940 and 1960?

    Gaaawd the memories of the time I was there.

  • teenyuck

    I see all the people working and cannot help thinking they are enslaved...they are given a stipend and expected to work hard. What a scam.

  • RunningMan

    So, they spent their vacation travelling to bethel, where they took over 1000 pictures. Man, they must have documented every square inch of the place.

    I'm getting ill just thinking about that. Get a life, people.

  • teenyuck

    I think this must be a badge of honor amoung dubs..."I went to Bethel...I got a private tour. I got to see all that Jehovah has given us. Now I am really important. I can answer questions on how the ink gets put on paper and how Bethelites wash their laundry. I know all the secrets!"

    I do recall people going to Brooklyn in the 70's and bringing back slides that we would get to watch at the hall. The brother who took them was then considered very important and spiritual.

    Ugh, what a way to waste a vacation.

  • SloBoy

    A magnificent testimony to what this religion and it's more ardent supporters have become................ MAINSTREAM, MATERIALISTIC, BLOATED, CAPITALISTS!!!!!...... not that I have anything against such a life-style, but let's call it as we "see" it.

  • starfish422

    I have been to Georgetown (called the Halton Hilton by the Brooklyn Bethelites), Brooklyn and Wallkill; haven't been to Patterson. I was nine when I went to Brooklyn (1984) and I remember that huge globe in the lobby, soooooo vividly. It had a button you pushed and lights came on all over the globe showing....something. Congregations maybe? LOL I can't remember now. Lots of lights anyways; that's what was important to me when I was 9. :D

  • ApagaLaLuz

    This is the main auditorium at Patterson. It’s used for Gilead graduations twice a year, for Family Night - the Bethel talent show - once or twice a year, and for the weekly Family Watchtower Study every Monday night. The auditorium seats about 2000.

    Bwahahaha Bethel talent show. Certainly a divinely inspired form of entertainment

  • mattnoel

    My god - how funny !

    Well I went there too and that was the beginning of the end for me. It certainly brought back some memories but kinda depressed me aswell. How cheesy is their site, makes you kinda feel sorry for them dont it, and I noticed there was a kid in the group pic !? poor lad, he is going to grow up a witness and probably have to have extra special "bible discussion time" with uncle fred who is 62 and feels the need for a fresh young lad on his knee !

    Grrrr they make me so mad, what a waste of nice office space, maybe the us government should move em all out and put the surviving companies of WTC into the nice offices, they deserve it more !

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