2 sisters called today

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    ive lived here 7 months now--and today was the 4th time some dubs have called--while i was at home.

    they were probably about 60-70.

    after i let one do her simple leaflet presentation--i told them i used to be a jw--but left over 40 years ago. and that i held the watchtower responsible for the break up of my family: and discussed shunning.

    but the main thing i wanted to discuss--was the sale of their kingdom hall. they confirmed a sale was going through. i asked them what was to happen to the money---and the reply--as i expected---was its going to help build more halls in other areas and countries. the sale asking price was £500,000. i told them the real destination for their money------and suggested they discuss it with their elders.

    they were at my doorway for about 30 minutes. but i didnt feel good about it--it just confirmed they were brainwashed and totally set in their ways. a lost cause. i wont bother entertaining old dubs again---waste of my breath. but it would be good to meet some young ones---if there are any in this congregation

  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad you got a chance to unload this information on these Witnesses, even if you think you were talking to the wall.

    It would definitely have been more valuable to have said this to younger JWs....These two older JWs aren't going anywhere no matter how bad or how wrong their religion is.

    It is too late for anybody of this age to start over since they would lose family, friends and a whole support system. I am all for people waking up and leaving the corrupt religion - and I don't want to be a discouragement to anybody on the forum - but everybody's not leaving it.

    I also feel that most JWs are in a news blackout and the scandals that we are aware of are not real to them. It's frustrating really!

  • Phizzy

    Well done Stan ! you may have planted a seed, especially if other JW's get similar responses when they call on others, and these old biddies get to compare notes.

    My friends, non-JW's, who moved in down the road in November 2015, but in the next Congo's territory, have not yet been called on ! Because of their work pattern , and child care system, someone is always at home, but no call, weird a ?

    It's a pity 'coz I have primed them with what to say, and of course I am a DNC, so don't get the chance myself.

  • Gayle

    Maybe they will 'subconsciously' not able to give as many of their dimes to org. since they know the selling of the KH will be quite alot and enough for org??

  • NikL

    I personally wonder about those that are woken up before they are ready anyway. Assuming that is even possible. It seems like it could send them down a destructive path. They need to wake up gradually.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    "2 sisters called today" ......

    I never use the term « sister» (or brother) when quoting persons who are still involved in the shunning politic of the JW.Org cult and who are fully acting in compliance with it. They simply do not deserve this familiarity.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    @ stan livedeath:

    Just the fact that they stayed for about 30 minutes should be a reason for hope.

  • wannaexit

    These two might go and relate what you said to someone else and a seed could be planted in someone else.

    Great job


    i told them the real destination for their money

    We Know How That Went.


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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    what struck a chord with me---i told them i had quit the cult--yes--i used the c word---40 odd years ago---and that my own daughter shuns me--and ive never even met my 4 grand-daughters. Yet they still were willing to talk to me--even asked if i still believed in jehovah--i told them i was atheist...and that name jehovah was just a false man-made name. told them the watchtower was just a property and printing business----and in real trouble over child molestation issues.

    so why didnt they just cut and run ?

    i wonder how many ex jw's are out there behind the front door?

    or maybe i was the only householder prepared to talk today .

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