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  • Billygoat

    I would say my lot in life has improved. It wasn't the easiest journey I could have taken, but it's proved lately to be a wonderful journey in all. I've had a lot of successes with my career. I've met the man of my dreams. I have some very close and dear friends that would do anything for me and I anything for them. I have a church family that is loving, caring, and a ton of fun! I bought my dream car. I've gotten myself almost completely out of debt. I have a sense of peace that I never had as a JW. I've healed a lot from the hurts of my childhood. And last, but most relationship with God is as genuine as it ever has been. It's not a relationship built out of fear of destruction, but a relationship built on mutual love and respect. As many challenges as I've had in the 13 years I've been OUT, my life is really a good life!

  • Lenoil

    Well - its a bit early as I only read Ray Franz and Carl Olaf. . . .about two months ago and now have a great sense of freedom sometimes approaching any kind of religion for an equal discussion at last

    Lots of this is due to my lovely partner who is not with me as she lives in Canada (I live in Bournemouth UK) and like me has been so relieved that I have now discovered the real truth She was not a Wtiness but began to study before she suddenly found all the Ex JW Internet sites

    Although I've been a competent musician for absolutely years its only in the last month that I've suddenly found the 'get up and go' (with a lot of encouragement from Kasandra) to get regular bookings (I'm a one man band)

    But I FEEL so differently and am sure it will eventually have a beneficial effect

  • JeffT

    Francois: I live in Seattle. The book is done, I'm putting together a proposal to send to an agent.

    yesidid: I didn't mean to imply that no witness woman has a career, just, as I said, I've never met one that did. I was in three different congregations and I can't think of any woman in any of them that did much beyond helping her husband with the janitorial business. Did you get much heat from others about "pursuing worldly interests?"

    Billygoat: We have been members of an independent Christian chruch for 14 years. It is truely a joy to know that that God is not the self-centered, vindictive tyrant portrayed by the Watchtower. I know many on this board are turned off by religion. I can't blame them. I think the leadership of the Watchtower will be held accountable for this.

    From the responses so far it seems that we are all doing pretty well.

  • Mum

    How could life get anything but better after leaving the WT? I had issues that had nothing to do with being a JW per se -- abusive family, being highly sensitive, too compliant. These issues might have been part of the package that made me fall for a cult in the first place.

    I left in 1979. I have struggled with jobs and education and relationships. But I've at last landed on my feet. I have a college degree, but want more education. I have a good job with decent pay and excellent benefits. I recently purchased my own condo. Best of all, I can actually look forward to retiring rather than working to the last day of my life on earth. I have friends who I chose because I enjoy their company.

    Life is good.


  • mattnoel

    Well, eventually I think I have..............

    I left and became a police officer, did that for about a year and a half, in the meantime met my "other half" we are really really happy together. I left the Police and am now a Fraud Investigator for one of the largest companies in its field in the UK.

    The first 7 months were crap but here I am.

    I would never have been able to get where I am now if I had still been in. I have a TV appearance next week !

    And what did they say about friends in the world ? I have made far better friends......that HAVE actually stood by me through thick and thin !

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