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  • rekless

    How many here feel that their lives have became better and more successful since they left the org.?

    My life has truly turned 180 degrees...been blessed since I left.

    I will not go into details but I am happier, don't have regrets, and there is not any guilt feelings to deal with.

  • SixofNine

    Same here. I've probably only turned my life 147 degrees, but I'm fat like a big boat, if ya know what I mean and I bet you don't. I'm almost there.

  • JeffT

    Mrs. T and I have both done a huge flip. I went back to school, entered a new career. I like my job, I'm not rich, but I'm doing OK. Debbie, through school and hard work, is now teaching Kindergarten in, and directing, the weekday preschool at our church. Unlike any witness wife I've ever met, she can say she has a career.

    I'm putting the finishing touches (actually putting the marketing materials together) on something I've always wanted to do: a novel.

    Yes, life is good, post-dub.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Brother, it is not until I got to 40 that I started to gain confidence in myself in terms of the work environment.It was not until I reached 40 that I decided that I would not just do "anything".I realized that I was way smarter than average, and DESERVED to have positions of authority and reasonable pay.It has taken a long time to realize that our worth is that worth we insist on bestowing upon OURSELF.

  • Satanus

    My life is turning, but slowly, a degree at a time. I've shucked a lot of the constraints, such as duty, guilt, fear of upsetting divine authority, sin. In some ways, i feel like i have only begun. Maybe it's childhood i missed the first time?



    Hey Reckless, that's a good question, and it looks like everyone thus far has answered in the affirmative. I will add to that.

    Success after the JWs? Absolutely!

    I went back to college. I travelled globally. I made friends that are still with me today whom love me unconditionally. I got my family back. I have a good job. I have my own place. I feel way better about myself, and the future does indeed: look bright.

    Success eluded me until I left the very unsuccessful life of Dubism.


  • yesidid

    JeffT you said: Unlike any witness wife I've ever met, she can say she has a career.

    I have no doubt that has been your experience. However I, as a witness wife had a high profile, rewarding career in every sense of the word, particularly monetarily. That included world travel and international lecturing. I am not saying I would not have been more effective had I not been a witness. But I certainly had a career.


  • blackout

    YEP< YEP<YEP certainly 100% better and much more successfull.

  • Francois

    JeffT - You writing a novel TOO? Good man. I'm working on one as well. You have a publisher? Are you in the UK? What's it like, being a scrivener over there? If I'm successful, may move to Ireland and avoid the taxes. Hehehe.

    There IS LIFE after the JWs, and abundant life at that. I've had to make sacrifices in terms of family association, but who of us hasn't? I brought three of my best friends out with me; two of them were elders! And I've made friends who are vastly better than my family - who don't deserve me in the first place. Now my friends are my family. And I can count on them through thick and thin.

    After all the guilt-tripping of the JWs, life is now like a breath of fresh air, and each day opens up like a flower for me. And, in fact, does so for all EX Jehovah's Witnesses of my acquaintence.

    Nice to get your life back, ain't it?


  • crinklestein

    Yeah, if you're a JW they don't want you to excell in a career because that less time that you have for THEM. They don't want you to goto school and get an education because then you'll LEARN something that you may use to figure out their true intentions. But they tell you not to goto college because there's worldly influences and you'll be "led astray by the world."

    They only want you to be a self employed house cleaner (which is what 90% of the REALLY dedicated ones do... Cleaning toilets for God) or mowing lawns and plowing driveways, making barely mimimum wage so you can devote more time to sucking souls from the living.

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