Atheists and Christmas

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  • nicolaou

    Yes, we can enjoy Christmas!

    We can put up and decorate a Xmas tree, wrap and give presents and get the whole section of non-JW family round for a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings - yum!

    We don't feel guilty about getting time off work and relaxing in front of all those cheesy Xmas movies (Baby's Day Out is still my favourite).

    So if, unlike me, you want to frame your festivities in a story of a magical baby go right ahead, this thread isn't about belief bashing.

    Whatever your definition of the 'true meaning of Christmas', mine is just as valid; It's the celebration of my freedom, my ability to choose how to live my life and who to share it's joys with.

    So let this rabid, godless, antichrist of an atheist wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the parties, booze, food, telly, sloth and indulgence but most of all give thanks for your liberation to live however the f*** you want to and to celebrate the very real hope that the rest of your loved ones will one day celebrate Christmas with you.

    Love you all my dysfunctional bunch of ex-cult, weirdo brothers and sisters!

    Nic xx

  • talesin

    Merry Xmas! It will be a full moon on Xmas Eve, so the festivities here may be lit by Gaia, unless it's snowing. Let the revelries begin. : )

  • talesin

    Sexy Santa sings! Best Xmas light show on youtube circa 2011.

    Okay, had to share that. It's the first time I've felt festive this year - thanks, Nic! xx

  • nicolaou

    Hell's bells talesin! Impressive but not sure I'd want to live opposite that, lol.

    Now, this is my kind of Xmas video . . . no apologies

    edited to add that no matter what I try I just can't embed YouTube vids into a post. What am I doing wrong?

  • talesin

    You paste in the link, then highlight it. Click on the link icon, paste link in the proper box (it may already be prompted), then hit the "Insert Link" button..

    Okay, i am not a Mariah fan, but understand her appeal. :P

    Had to add this, wow, just saw it for the first time! :)

  • Simon

    I remember asking one of our kids how they felt about Christmas ... to see if they "believed" at all.

    There was a hesitation and then "if I say no ... do I still get presents?". I don't think I finished saying "sure: before he said "no". It made me proud, knowing we'd raised such skeptics (although I'm partial to the phrase "cynical bastard").

    I just wish I'd known to question everything at that age.

    Merry Jesus "holy shit, we get extra time off so of course we 'believe; it" holidays to everyone, whatever you fake-faith teaches :D

  • jhine

    Merry Christmas and a Happy , Healthy and Hopeful New Year to all you lot .


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    merry crimbo to you too NIc

    i have no friends--which is good--i save a fortune at this time of year.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    As an atheist myself, couldn't agree with you more Nic. Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy new year to all!
  • Landy

    Xmas is what it is. Bit of time off work (for me anyway - wife's not so lucky), chance to spend a bit of time with family (whether you want to or not), and to overdo the wine and mince pies.

    Soon be Jan 4th and back at work. :(

    Merry xmas to all on here! :)

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