God! No one really cares!!!!

by JaniceA 10 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • JaniceA

    I’m no longer invested . Seeing my mom after months away. . . Just reminds me of her futility and the waste of her time and efforts . It’s so sad. I have no regrets leaving. All my mistakes are my own and I’m so glad I didn’t sacrifice my life to the parasite religion that would have sucked away the color and the travel and the growth and curiosity and experience of my life. All she can do is tsk tsk about whatever she doesn’t approve of and gossip. Her best friend is honestly this sweet woman, not a JW, much younger who helps her and has her back. She talks bad about her lifestyle (single. Self supporting) but clearly only justifies her friendship because she has consented to go to memorial a few times (nothing else, she is a Christian who isn’t religious but who is a follower of the most basic Christlike stuff-she’s nice). But mom doesn’t recognize the goodness, only commend about her observing holidays and votes in spite of mom preaching at her. For years. She’s hateful to this nice lady who is kind to her

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