What does this WT Study Article mean to you???????

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  • Pistoff

    This article REALLY irritated me. Lately, in every magazine article (study that is) it seems we are constantly reminded of the anointed and their "companions" or anointed christians and their "companions". It may be that I am sensitized but it just seems that the FDS wants to widen the gap between the remnant and OS.That and 1919, 1919, 1919......please.

    Years ago the WT commented on ones who had partaken but realized they were not anointed and said that mistakes are made, no one is to criticize such ones for this.

    Here is what this article says:

    "But what if some indidivuals who lack this call have been partaking of the Memorial emblems? Now aware that they never had the heavenly hope, surely their conscience will compel them to stop partaking. God would not look with favor upon anyone representing himself as a person called to be a heavenly king and priest when he knew that he really did not have such a calling. (Romans 9:16; Revelation 20:6) Jehovah executed the Levite Korah for presumptuously seeking the Aaronic priesthood.(Exodus 28:1; Numbers 16:4-11, 31-35) If any Christian comes to realize that he has wrongly partaken of the Memorial emblems, he or she should stop partaking and humbly pray for Jehovah's forgiveness. Psalm 19:13" (italics mine)

    So, here is the scenario: a person makes an honest mistake, thinks he or she has the heavenly calling after much prayer and meditation; later he realizes that he is not. These lunkheads in Brooklyn now heap shame and guilt on such a one as if there is not too much already, and call on Jehovah to kill him. And how did such a one get into that predicament? By studying, praying, meditating and listening to his/her heart, since the brooklyn braintrust has no idea how one really tells, they certainly cannot look at anyone and tell, SO HOW COULD A LOWLY OTHER SHEEP BE SURE???

    The tone of the WT in the last 2-3 years is so harsh and brutal, and the writing is so insipid and uninspired. At least when Franz was alive, he made us feel good as we were lied to.



  • Blueblades

    GARYBUSS,You are so right.Doublespeak in one paragraph.Par.16.Just because we answer scriptual questions,it does not mean we are anointed.

    Then they say God has an arrangement,pointing back to themselves by citing and inferring to MATTHEW 24:45---47.

    So,they are the FDS. not because they answer spiritual questions,but,because they are anointed.

    Now the other sheep can also do a good job in answering questions,but, they are not anointed.because they are not the FDS.

    FDSand only FDS.are the ones who provide spiritual food and they do it without having extraordinary understanding??? Because they are anointed?

    Doublespeak is hard to make sense out of.Because it's nonsense.


  • heathen

    Good point pistoff . These people can't even eat dinner together without feeling guilty about something .The meal was to be eaten by those who were hungry and thirsty in that they were not to eat or drink wine prior to the event but wait and dine together . It was so the haves would not insult the have nots .Part of the problem addressed in those scriptures had to do with people showing up drunk or that would not eat till they were full because they already ate dinner . The WT is guilty of misleading people to believe they are supposed to watch the participants and consider that a celebration of some kind . What a pittiful disgrace.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Plum, the only thing i remember about the memorial is how small the SERVES were. That would really iritate me if I were a partaker and could only have a teeny nibble of bicky and a sip of wine. Enough to make you want more, thats all. Like i said, real annoying. I wounder what would happen if someone went at the memorial biscuit plate like they were cheese flavoured corn chips and woofed them down?

  • archangel01

    Heres all the problems with the JW way......

    "The LORD'S evening meal" however there setting is way off it takes place in a hall but in the Bible it was in a small room like a dinning room.There setting is to make people feel uncomfortable so that only the JW FDS partake an no one else.Funny nowhere in the Bible does it say that only a JW born before 1930 something can only partake. If you believe in Jesus an what he did then why do you pass up an not partake, I think thats really rude. Its like if Jesus is really their and he offers you the bread/wine meaning life etc and with your actions you don't partake and its like saying "No thanks I don't want what you are offering and one person after the other does that". That just makes me sick. An nowhere in the Bible does it say you have to cele. it in a big hall etc. You can cele. it in your own house with your family and go around the table an ask each person what it means for them ,read the Bible, then say the prays over the bread/wine and everyone partakes of the bread/wine just like they did in the Bible. Then after that you have a nice big dinner with all the fixings. A priv. setting is the best like in your own home where you can pour your heart out and really get the true meaning of it all.

    Also if the FDS/JW always was around......I never read in the Bible them being with Jesus at the passover...I wonder why.....because they were False and Jesus knew that or else they would have been there right at the table.Funny before 1919 or what ever they never cele. the evening meal and now that they do, they want to mess it all up for everyone else. Why would the Bible say "satan keeps tranforming himself into an angle of light". Because to TRICK people into thinking they are doing things right but they are really wrong, like when the people who attend the Lords evening meal(JW'S) they don't partake but pass it up!!!!!!!!!! Satan is not stupid he's very smart and he has all the religions in his hands, an that includes the JW's too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is no part of this would nor did he want any of its Kingdoms/Religions. ENOUGH SAID

  • plmkrzy

    still chasinf that edit button around. I need to post-it on my monitor where to find it.

    http://ourworld.cs.com/pwmkwzy/wtpage5.html [19 & 20]

  • plmkrzy

    Some things highlighted (by Randy) that I wanted to attempt to define, what are they talking about?

    I will have to read, and re-read, this article to get a grip on it, and I have way to much on my mind right now to consentrate. But I want to save this and explore it further.

    btw, LOL @ RF!

    There was an old guy attending the memorial once, first time and hard of hearing, his wife told him to just pass the place and not partake yadda yadda yadda, he didn't hear her and started eating off the plate then began choking cause it was so dry, he had to get up and go get a drink of water. LOL!

    They are NOT led by the spirit- "...spirit
    anointed and should partake of the Memorial
    emblems ...'All who are led by the spirit are sons of
    ...(Romans 8:14)"(p.19,#7)

    So, they are saying that this is what is seperating the first choice from the second choice on the totempole?

    The ones who "KNOW" they are going to heaven are sons of God.

    The ones who "Have a heavenly hope" are Not sons of God, but still anointed enough to go to heaven.

    So basiclly anyone who "HOPES" but does not "KNOW" "SHOULD" partake, but only if you were born before 1935.

  • undercover

    I kind of got the impression that they were trying to guilt anyone who wasn't absolutely positive that they were anointed to not partake. Why would that be? Because the number of partakers has increased instead of decreased over the last couple of years. At the rate that people born before 1935 are dying off, the number of partakers should be dropping drastically. But instead, it increases. That spells trouble for the WTS if people realize that the numbers don't add up.

  • blacksheep

    Well, I couldn't make it through the whole thing. But what struck me was the half-baked explanation on "how long are you to keep doing this?" The answer? Until Jesus arrives. Well, we all know he arrived (in heaven) on 1914. So what gives? Oh, those with the heavenly calling will meet up with him *when they die.* So they partake until their death, at which time...Jesus "arrives."

    Yep, makes sense to ME. Still wondering where the 99% of dubs with the "earthly calling" fit in. Seems to me they should just stay home.

  • heathen

    I don't have a proplem with the celebration taking place in the congregation .The Apostle did say to wait for one another and dine together . Interesting side note is that at the first celebration there was only one guy that was invited who didn't eat and drink and he proved to be the most cursed among all men being Judas Iscariot .

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