How to suck at your religion

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  • stuckinarut2
  • Divergent

    Hate to break this to you, but I posted the same thing sometime back...

    Anyway, glad that it was posted again. It's SO true, isn't it? JW's suck at their religion big time!

  • stuckinarut2

    Sorry "Just kidding"... I forgot about that!


  • Divergent

    My comments:

    Does your religion make you judge people?

    Definitely! We were told that we would be the only ones who would survive Armageddon and that "worldly" people are goats. Even within the cong, many are judgemental & make life difficult for others

    Does your religion hinder the advancement of science, technology, or medicine?

    Yes, in many areas. From promoting quack medicine in the days of Russell and Rutherford, condemning vaccination & organ transplants (made a u-turn, no longer condemned), to maintaining an illogical anti blood transfusion stand which has cost the lives of thousands!

    Did you choose your religion or did someone else choose it for you?

    Was a born-in who although having some doubts seriously believed it. Fortunately, became smarter & eventually woke up in my 20's

    Does your religion give you weird anxieties about your sexuality?

    Most definitely. I used to worry that I would not survive Armageddon as I viewed porn. Was also depressed as a young adult due to having raging hormones but not being able to find a suitable mate (JW girls are weird!)

    Do you validate your beliefs by constantly trying to convince others to believe the same thing?

    Yes! We were constantly encouraged to go out in service, witness, preach, so that we might "save both ourselves and those who listen to us"

    Do you mock other religions for believing crazy things, meanwhile believing some crazy shit of your own?

    Definitely! Funny when you look back at it though...

  • CalebInFloroda

    Of course, in all honesty, one has to ask also...

    Do my convictions, religious or non-religious, cause me to do any of these same things?

    Do I mock people of other convictions? If religious, what does this say about my religion? If atheist, what does this say about me as a person?

    Do I validate my convictions by trying to convince others they are wrong? That mine are right? Do I give the impression that those who do not share my conclusions, my convictions, my views are illogical, lacking intelligence? One can be a Jew, a Christian, an Atheist, etc., and be guilty of these things too.

    Do I praise critical thinking while at the same time not employing the scientific methods to my own views, convictions, beliefs? Have I learned everything possible about what I know believe or accept? Did I ensure my conclusions were not made out of emotion? Were they tested, tried, and validated by outside, disinterested parties before I embraced them?

    Do I really understand the non-religious or religious views of the people around me? Or have I really stopped learning or am speaking before learning enough, always ready to criticize, tear down, spout what I believe is wisdom, religious or secular, when in reality I couldn't pass a college entry level test about the subject I am speaking of?

  • joe134cd
    Hey its good to see you back posting again. I've missed hearing your comments.

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