Door-to-Door Work - Most Inneffective Work of the 21st Century

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  • Francois

    Were it not for new children born into the cult, or men/women dragged into it by their girl/boy friends, the JWs would likely have no growth at all. The field service work is nothing more than the society doing what the society does best: demonstrate to the individual that they are in control of your life.

    You are not allowed to have a hobby that will take time away from your field service on Saturday or Sunday. Not allowed. These people are smart enough to know that field service is a fraud and totally ineffective for bringing in new ones. But it works perfectly for its intended purpose - to demonstrate to you that you are not in control, do not own, your own time - they do.

    New poster for Kingdom Halls:

    All that is not mandatory is forbidden.

  • xray

    I've always been puzzled as to the motivation for the H to H work. I was told when I was a child that it was necessary to qualify for salvation at the big A and entry into the New World. So how many hours a week do you have to do? If you do less than say 10 hours, does this mean your eyes get pecked out by crows at the big A, even if you're a JW. The crows would be well fed in that case.

    I've also been told that you get your reward in the New System. What reward would that be? A free dinner with Abraham and Moses as guest speakers perhaps. Or even better, like the Moslems, 13 young virgins to entertain you for eternity - wow - now that would make one pick up the step a bit. Seriously though, it all seems a bit self centered to me.



    "All that is not mandatory is forbidden"..LOL!..Thats a very funny line.It`s also true...OUTLAW

  • kat_newmas

    Bravo! with the new sign for the KH.

  • ballistic

    I've used the word sickening before about the billions of wasted hours. If it was a real company, the board would shut it down immediately in disgust. I think of the hours I wasted as a full time pioneer in just my younger years, but this is still affecting me now as I missed getting an education early on. Now times this across the 6 million witnesses.

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Excellent thoughts here. I'll come back and respond to these when I get some time.................

  • minimus

    see ya in 5 months Blackman.

  • Emma

    The witnesses see it as "giving a witness." It wouldn't matter if not even one person listened - they are out, being seen, and "giving a witnesses for Jehovan" to the nations, for the angels, to show Satan, etc.

  • willyloman

    This is one of the issues that caused me to start questioning. Why, after 120 years or so of public preaching, billions of hours a year, millions of tracts, magazines and brochures, does no one have a stinkin' clue what our message is?

    If you polled the entire world and asked, "What is the primary message of JW's," what do you suppose the answer would be?

    You would not find ONE person among the billions of non-JWs on the planet who would say, "Oh, that's easy, Jesus became King of God's Kingdom in Heaven in 1914 and has been ruling ever since and soon Armageddon will occur and all earth's woes will end and a theocratic government will be ushered in and the earth will be turned into a paradise."

    The answers would all have to do with blood, birthdays, holidays, and peddling magazines. Those are the messages that resonate with the masses. The kingdom stuff? Nobody gets it. The project has failed. If and when God has a message for mankind he'll use far more effective means, such as CNN.

    Field service is not about preaching. As Francois said, it's designed to demonstrate the WTS is in complete control of your life.

  • Nosferatu

    To the average dub, field service is simply copying Jesus' example. At least that's what the society says.

    My mother came into the troof from a H2H call. She has been a JW for around 20 years now, and she has succeeded in bringing one person into the troof. However, that one person went back to smoking and got DFed.

    And then we have different levels of people who perform in the H2H work: Unbaptized Publisher, Baptized Publisher, 15 Minute Publisher (*New*), Auxillary Pioneer and Regular Pioneer. The focus of "How many we can tell the good news to" has been replaced with "Who can put in the most hours in one month". They don't count how many people are "at home". These are the people who recieved the message, so why are the number of hours necessary to record? Of course we all know the answer.

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