#2 -- It's Friggen COOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!!

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  • Shutterbug

    Some of the northern apostates may be coming to Texas expecting tropical weather this weekend and will, no doubt, be sorely pissed when they don't get it. It might be in the best interests of you Dallas folks to do something about the horrible weather you're having there. Right now we might just as well have the fest in Green Bay. Bug

  • Solace


    Hey Bug,

    Your feezing weather will actually seem tropical to us. It was 17 below zero this morning, even colder with the windchill, but thanks for being concerned, you are so sweet.

    Anyway, Im sure we will be way too busy gabbing to notice the weather, right?

  • Jesika

    Hmmmm... maybe we need to sacrafice a virgin?

    Well, that means I am safe. LOL

    *refuses to leave the house when it is iced over*

    Anyone have some beer they can send since I won't go outside?


    Hey Elsewhere,We`ve been having problems with penguin rustlers.Check the brand on those birds would you? If they got a Molson Canadian beer bottle branded on they`re butt`s,they`re my birds.Hate to have to hang you for penguin thieve`n.So just round-em up and herd-em home.....OUTLAW

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    I notice the hills, you must live in Oak Cliff, Elsewhere?

    Sorry Six, I think that's Cedar Hill.

    I've gone through 3 logs in the fireplace today and Valis' tree is long since gone. I think there's supposed to be more tonight.

  • Elsewhere

    Just went out to the store... it's getting worst. It has warmed up a bit and the ice layer on the roads is starting to melt... and it has started to drizzel a bit. This has caused the ice on the roads to become EXTREMELY slick.

  • SixofNine

    I went out for starbucks, but may as well have not . This weather is affecting the very fabric of civilization.

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks alot Dallas, now we have ice, here in Louisiana!!!!!!!!!

    THe kids ran out screaming my truck was covered in ice, poor babies want to make a snowman out of it. J/K,, they were throwing it at each other.

    Our power just went off for a second and the street looks darker than usual.........omg, maybe it is Armeggedon!!!!!!!!!!

    It is cold,,,,,,,,,, the roads are going to ice up tonite for sure, my son is praying he doesnt have to go to school.

    Bet Wild, hopes he doesnt have to go to work either........

  • wednesday
    I went out for starbucks, but may as well have not . This weather is affecting the very fabric of civilization.

    My hubby just went to walgreens, and bought me some Frapachin;'s(ex sp) they are form starbucks, cold coffee. really good. Yes it is frightful her(but heat so delightful). But this am, if any of this stuff melts, or refreezes, well, it will be like driving on a ice rink.I have done this in the years past, when i did not fear death, or high deductibles, but not now.

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