Repentance verses Compassion.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Fumitol:- " Oh hooray, yet another thread started by the latest newbie and neurotic addicted to starting new threads on a daily basis. Yarn.

    The Rebel. your reply seems full of unneccesary hatred. I don't think I am neurotic, and I am not addicted to starting new threads. Infact the peaceful world view from my balcony makes me glow, and my threads do not ask a reply by return.

    Are you suggesting I should stop eating? That I should not convey my thoughts that modern tecnology provides, as I sip a beer and listen to American Beauty?

    if so my answer would be, that would be a wasteful opportunity to cross pollinate thoughts with people whose exsperiences have helped me come to a greater understanding of my past.

    The Rebel.

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