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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Hi Mandy97. Welcome to the forum. Your English is good. I studied French in high school but eventually dropped it in favor of Spanish. I found French more difficult to learn. The pronunciations are tricky and there are too much exceptions to the rules. Overall I found the language a bit inconsistent - a lot like how English is inconsistent.

    But I do love the way the language sounds when it's spoken. It sounds very sexy - especially the way the hard R's are savored in words like derriere. I just love the way this Zouk dance instructor speaks!

  • Sabin

    OOLALA, It`s so nice to meet you.

    I love the pink panther movies.

    I don't love eating snails.

  • dubstepped
    Parlez vous apostate?
  • Mandy97
    freddo : Yes I wanted to say baptised sorry ^^
    Israel Ricky Gonzales : Sorry I don't understand what you asked me ?
    Village Idiot : Ok thank you :)
    C0ntr013r : Thank you ! Yes, I am. ^^
    The Searcher : Thank you so much. Can you explain more please ? I don't think I really understand what you said
  • Mandy97
    Island Man : Yes you're right ! I know this video because my origines is Martinique haha !
    Sabin : Nice to meet you. I never eat snails haha I don't think I want to try also :')
    dubstepped : What do you mean ?
  • freemindfade

    beaucoup de gens ici sont considérés comme apostat par la religion des Témoins de Jéhovah. malgré que certains d'entre nous comme freemindfade sont beau et charmant!

  • Mandy97
    freemindfade Mais tu parles français ! :o Tu es un français ?
    D'accord mais je comprends pas, pourquoi ils restent sur le site alors ? Tu es apostat toi aussi ? Haha ^^
  • freemindfade
    ils discutent des problèmes avec la religion
  • freemindfade
    And no I'm not frech. Just another crazy American
  • brandnew
    French is cool, like fries n stuff....toast....maids.....kissing.....☺

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