It's Friggen COOOOOOOOOOLD!!!!!!

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  • Elsewhere

    We Texas apostates just aren't used to this kind of weather! It's 21 degrees and getting colder.... there is snow and sleet and freezing rain... the roads are alll frozen over with ice and people are sliding all over the place.

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    Keep us posted on the weather. Sure hope it gets a little warmer and the snow, ice, and sleet stop. Don't want any of us flying into Dallas for the International Apostafest to have any problems!!!

  • Billygoat

    I went to Wal-Mart around 7 and was in the store for about 30 minutes shopping. When I got out, my car was completely iced over. It took a good 15 minutes for it to warm up so the windows could de-ice. The roads were positively terrible! Thank goodness Wal-Mart is only like 1/10 of a mile from my house!

    I sure hope this weather disappears for the Apostafest this weekend. Although Neil and I will be out of town, I want the weather to cooperate for all you guests coming in!

  • Beans

    Well this is metric so you wont get it but the beaver have frozen there balls off up here!

  • xenawarrior


    21 degrees? 21????? Try -14 today!! yes- minus- and that's without the wind chill. Lightweights I tell ya- it's no wonder you lost the war !!

    XW of the "Damn Yankee" class

  • kwijibo

    Hehe its swimmin' weather here in Australia.

    You can all come on over and sunbake in my pool if you want.


  • Beans

    I think XW knows how to keep a northern man warm!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Hey Elsewhere, remember that tree that Valis put in our fireplace? Well it's finally burned down. We're on our third fire log for the night. The schools have already announced they're closing and our children did a screaming dance through the house. Our front yard is covered in ice and sleet! As I'm typing this in I can hear the sleet and freezing rain hit the window just outside.

    Bad weather is so much fun when you don't have to get out in it!

  • onacruse

    Ethanol is a very effective antifreeze.

  • LyinEyes

    You darn right about that eleswhere it is cold here, some northern wind was blowing in my face this afternoon,,,,,,,,,XW was that you or Heaven blowing that our way.......????

    My son had to play his first game out in this bitter wind, and it wasnt that cold, but the temp went down fast and our southern blood is so warm, we just arent used to the bitter cold.

    So, Eleswhere you sending that sleet and snow over to Louisiana?? You folks over in Dally, usually bless us with whatever you get,,,,,, how sweet of you to share, send hail if ya can.......WildTurkey needs to fix some haildamage on some cars........if not , the kids will like the sleet,,,at least it is something cold falling from the sky.

    Hey,,,,,, we can go truck skiing!!!!!!!!!! Now that is some good southern fun , let me tell ya.

    When it ices over down here,,,,,,, not much snow, the ice covers all these curvery back roads,,,,it is the makings for a very good time.

    We get something to sit on, on old tire, seat , cardboard box, even a boat one time,.. then hook a big thick roap on the back of the truck and tell the driver to hit it. Man you have a blast, just hope that you don't fly in the ditch and hit a tree.

    If it ices over, I will get some pictures of us doing that............hey, we have to find something to do down here.

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