Witnesses vying for "who has the biggest trials to cope with"

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  • Finkelstein

    Its done so to reconfirm within the JWS's indoctrinated mindset that Satan's system of things is really bad and its needs to be cured and taken over by a New system of things.

    Part of the instilled depression and anxiety the JWS have is the WTS's own indoctrination about how bad people are suffering due to Satan and wicked evil spirits running around causing pain and suffering to mankind.

    So on come the whining and complainers.

    A lot of the pain and poor health ailments you hear coming out of JWS mouths is due to them not wanted to go to the meetings.

  • Toshibabadu

    Finkelstein: you hit the nail on the head about JW's not wanting to go to the meetings.

    When i would miss meetings, i would get a million calls but when i was at the meetings those same people wouldn't even speak to me. It was like "if i gotta be here, you gotta be here"

  • moreconfusedthanever

    My mum always said if you have no problems then satan is leaving you alone which means that you must not be doing things Jehovah's way.

    They also say that if you pull away from Jehovah, he will take his spirit away from you and you will have trouble.

    So which is it? Is it Satan giving me trouble because I am with Jehovah or is it Jehovah giving me trouble because I am not?

  • WTWizard

    Nothing more than a working to ensure stupid hardship in all future lifetimes. By repeated affirmations "Poverty is a virtue" and similar affirmations, they embed within souls needless hardships. Each time you go to a boasting session and hear that it is a virtue to suffer for joke-hova, you are being set up. This attitude is absolutely the worst--the mindset that suffering and hardship is somehow a virtue is worse than the "I am suffering, and there is nothing I can do about it and it will last forever" attitude. At least that attitude doesn't glorify the suffering, and casts it in a bad light.

    Which is more than can be said about "I am suffering, hence I am virtuous. Those who do not suffer this much are not doing enough for joke-hova". Not only that betrays lack of ability to change it, but lack of any want to. It even gets others to seek out suffering, even if subconsciously, so they too can be virtuous. Many quit jobs so they can pious-sneer or move to where the need is greater. Others sacrifice their health so they can do Israel missions they should not be doing, or so they can pious-sneer. And others cause other types of suffering on themselves, which they could do something to prevent, so they can please joke-hova.

  • steve2

    I had an interesting encounter with a fundamentalist Christian today (in passing, at my place of employment). She said that "Satan" is going "after" her at the current time because she is trying to deepen her commitment "to the Lord". Hmmmmmm. Change the phrasing a little and it could have just as readily been the words of a JW.

    It struck me as sadly funny that various "Christian" groups - each one espousing to have "the truth" - see Satan's machinations everywhere - even in other "Christian" groups to which they are opposed. So, she would see JWs as completely under Satan's influence, whilst they in turn would see her as completely under Satan's influence.

    The Devil's welcome to their petty playgrounds.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Some people are just whiners.

  • zeb

    Particularly among the older sisters. It is sad that they have so little else in their lives.

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