I'm so immature sometimes!

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  • LyinEyes

    Oh no she paid for every one of those pink flamingo's with her own money, so they cancer prevention team got their donation in full. I agree if not that would have been wrong to hurt them. But they knew about it before they did it, that it was a joke, I mean what could anyone do, she knew a girl really well who ran the local thing and you can set the flamingos up in anyones yard, and say that, that person thought of you , and made a contribution.

    It is kind of a thing around here, no one wants 50 or more pink flamingos in their front yard, but if it is for a good cause, well, you laugh about it and you know it goes to charity for good. They don't leave them there long, and no harm is done.

    But the JW's gave the team an earfull and really made asses out of themselves by the way they acted. Instead of asking them to please kindly come and get your flamingos they said, they do not give to charities, instead they help their neighbor by giving them true hope in God's new kingdom....bla bla bla, I swear this is what my sister told me the girl at the center said this brother said to her. I believe it because of the way my sister told it, she never was really a true witness and had trouble with witness beliefs and even terminology. And I know the overboard arrogant doomsday MS that did the speaking .

  • Vivamus

    Ah, that does explain it. If the cancer prevention group knew it was a joke, then its an entire different story. Wish I could have seen the faces of the elders making an ass out of themselves.

  • SYN

    Angharad, that hooter thing really made me laugh!

  • SheilaM

    Logan: Ideas huh? I can't wait to hear them LOL

    ISP: I know you Brits try to capture each minute of sun while we Yanks waste it LOL

    Lyin: You and your sis are too funny, Flamingo's you would think it would add $ to the property value GEESH!!! They get so bent don't they LOL

    Angharad: We all would get along great! Thunder Rider loves to puruse the parking lot in the Harley and Crank the exhaust (or whatever you call it) and set off the car alarms LOL

    Greven: Thank you

    Ashitaka: I love loud music!!! My kids always yelled "MoM, turn down the music LOL Go FIGURE!


    Syn: Hooters huh

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