JW Broadcasting - December 2015

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  • skin
    At 8:29 bottom left of the screen you see a producer giving a count down for what normally would be used for a live broadcast. I somehow doubt this was broadcast live so why not just edit that part out?,..

    Those who are poor will inherit the Kingdom... I guess I should thank the WTBTS for making me poor.


  • JRK

    So does anyone know who this dweeb is?

  • Listener

    They've stopped putting up a label which displays the speakers name and title during the intro. The first month this started happening was November 2015.

    Talking about titles, ther'es a section with two JW 'brothers' and one is appointed an MS. In typical fashion the focus appears to be on being appointed with a title rather than doing good for others simply because it is the right thing to do.

  • wifibandit


    He is Mark Noumair, Helper to the Teaching Committee. A graduate of the 77th class of Gilead. He was a missionary in Kenya before becoming a Gilead instructor.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    From 46:00 the Org's catchphrase, "reaching out" is pushed hard at young male J.W.'s.

    This terminology is just a euphemism for "submit even more by becoming a company man."


    I remember when the term "reaching out" became meaningless to me. I told the Elders, "That term means nothing as long as you are enforcing man-made rules as a measure of spiritual maturity." Deer in the headlights..... 😶

    Lurkers, pay attention. These GB Helpers WILL be the boss of YOU in the not too distant future.


  • DwainBowman
    It's so funny, the charge I have gone though. In a very short time, I went from still doing everything thing I could to, "Reach Out" and it really hurting me, to know everything I did, was being totally ignored. I nevrr once did anything borg related, to be "somebody" twice I turned down the elder appointment. Both time I spent an hour or more being drilled over it, being told how, I was resisting the "Holly Sprit's" direction in matters. And how even though I didn't feel ready, the bible says, Jehovah will complete your training. The first time I almost ask to be removed as an ms. Anyway, the events that lead to my eyes opening, and learning ttatt, happened within 3 months, and I knew my whold life had been wasted serving a cult! Sundsy I had two eldubs encouraging me to reach out, that they "Need" me, it was so hard not to just open up, and let them have it. But no, I know how to play the game, and pretend, but I have no desire to even be there, much less anything more!
  • Watchtower-Free
  • sir82

    JW broadcasts are presented in a variety of styles - you can be bored by the banality or stunned by the stupidity.

    December's theme was "boredom".

    At least they didn't beg for money.

    I was quite surprised, though, that they did not add "through crocodile infested waters" when they praised the lady who "uses a boat to cross a river to get to her meetings".

    Crocodile-infested waters were a given in those types of guilt-inducing statements in the Watchtowers of the 60's & 70's. If there was a crocodile within a 40 mile radius you could be sure it was sunbathing right where the JW wanted to cross the river.

    Never could figure out why the JWs built so many KHs right next to the crocodile nests.

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