Faulty Reasoning to Promote God's "Name"

by Dissonant15 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Dissonant15

    As I am newly awoken, I am daily having epiphanies & revelations now.

    I've been casually wondering to myself since the propagandist broadcast about the name "Jehovah" if it would be more proper to call him "Yahweh" to myself.

    Well tonight the answer suddenly came to me: It doesn't matter. If He/She indeed exists, it is not true that you MUST "know and use God's personal name" in one's own language in order to know & have a relationship with Him (/Her). Most children live their whole lives calling their parents "Mom" & "Dad," which are TITLES, and no one criticizes this. I have had foreign friends who introduce themselves & go by American names because their legal name is too difficult for most English-speaking persons to pronounce & spell.

    It does not matter.

  • FayeDunaway


    I remember those epiphany waking up days fondly.

  • smiddy

    I think I still have them after more than 20 years of freedom from the Borg , and a little help from my friends here.

    And just think Dissonant15 nobody knows God`s name Jew or gentile , Pope or G.B.member , that is , if he/she even exists. The Hebrew scriptures have only four letters , consonants, that are attributed to his name , mistranslated as JHVH and later revised more accurately as YHWH .

    A Spanish Monk of the 13th Century added vowels to give us the name Jehovah , ironic isn`t it ? A Catholic ?

    The first edition of the book " Aid To Bible Understanding" stated that it did not matter what the correct pronunciation of God`s name was , as long as it was used , Jehovah was the most popular accepted name commonly used by scholars...? Presumably in Christendom , who else is writing about Christendoms God ......And don`t J.W.`s claim that Christendom are hiding Gods name from their parishioners ? Obviously a lie because a Spanish Monk gave God the name Jehovah and many of Christendoms scholars have used that name and it`s equivalent Yahweh throughout the centuries and in many Bible translations up until this day.

    Then first and foremost is their claim , J.W.`s that is , that they alone make Gods true name known in all the earth , when in fact it was first published in the 13th Century and used by clergy ,bible scholars etc.both Catholic and Protestant up until our day.

    It does not seem to matter to them whether to use the popular most commonly used name Jehovah (obviously in Christendom ,who else is concerned with the name of God ) or the more accurate name of God Yahweh .

    So much for vindicating his name .

    As I have stated before Jehovah`s Witnesses speak out of both sides of their mouth , they have a forked tongue.


  • prologos

    D15, it is so satisfying to deeply dream about these questions and then have your own "eureka" moments , even if deep books have been written about them. and concerning the name. How is it that "jesus" is not recorded to have used it, even when it mattered most, and he and Paul used "Abba" instead.

    The story about the jewish god, as told under that name, is far too limited to do justice to what we now know of creation, if it can be called that. ( By thisr [great] works you will know thim).

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    The fact that a monk from "Babylon the Great" reputedly devised the name Jehovah several centuries ago, should be enough to sound alarm bells in J.W.'s heads regarding God's alleged name.
  • jwfacts

    Spot on. I would never have called my father by his first name, that would have been very disrespectful. Neither is Jesus ever recorded as using God's name, but rather terms like father.

  • punkofnice
    Welcome to the waking up process. Just go with it.
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Hi Dissonant, well done for waking up! The time comes when we realise that everything that we were taught from the JW org is entirely irrelevant for a real and free life outside the cult. I was going to say "almost everything" but no, everything, because all that the JW org says or teaches is only to have control over flock.

    When you find out that Yahweh began as an ox-headed idol with a human body shape placed in the upright sitting position just like all the Egyptian gods... and that he was the son of a greater god called El...and that he had a female consort called Ashera...the religious enthusiasm drains right away!

  • Lemonp

    Well I laughed at the JW broadcasting where Geoffrey Jackson admits that "Jehovah" isnt really God's name but we us it as everyone recognizes it.

    Imagine if a small american town put up posters and a parade to greet President "Derek" Obama, due to a typo... See how that works out!

    I'm sure the Supreme Ruler of the universe will understand, it's not like all of human suffering has been to clear his Name!

  • jhine

    Surely this insistance of the WT that they alone use God's name and give proper reverence to it is one of those affectations designed to show , not least to JWs themselves , their superiority . Another way to separate the r&f from other faiths . So a deliberate ploy from the GB to widen the gulf between " them and us "


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