Invitation to the Memorial...

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  • teenyuck

    Well, I had a wonderful post ready to go and poof! It is gone!

    I will start over.

    Elsewhere, jgnat, ashi, pr_, xjw, EL, Lovesd, Thank you for reading and letting me rant.

    SwordofJah, don't bother with scripture. I know all that. However, I am dealing with people who will lie, cheat and steal to get what they want. My mother is desperate for my sister's attention and approval. I don't know why. My sister knows this and uses it as a means to get what she

    Sis learned from a pro. My mother. When mom needed surgery about 7 years ago, she lied and told the Cook County Hospital that she lived with her uncle in Chicago and was destitute. She got her surgery free and went back to Dupage county where she lives. She cost the taxpayers of Illinois and Cook County lots of money.

    When she wanted a boob job because she was depressed over my father leaving (she threw him out) she convinced the doctor that only a boob job would help her self esteem. She got 36 D breasts on the taxpayers also. We were on welfare and Mediaid. She paid $00 for her new breasts.....all while serving Jehovah. I got to go to the surgeon with her and watch her pick out the implant size. This was in about 1976.

    I have only wanted a family who would get together and be happy when one of them does well. That has never and will never happen.

    I have a scripture spewing loon for a mother and a hate filled, jealous sister who manipulates the loon. It is really hard to respect either one.

    I am way past turning the other has been slapped too many times.

  • Buster

    Some years ago, I walked away from the family with whom I grew up. Not because I couldn't take their crap, but because I wouldn't have my wife and children subjected to the lunacy. I've never looked back and never regretted my decision.

    I introduced my then-fiance to them once - she insisted. After less than an hour, we left and I rhetorically asked her, "We never have to go back, do we?" They put on quite a show they did.

    My daughter wants to reestbalish contact someday - I told her fine with me, but that she was going to hear an explanation from me before she does.

    My son has asked a time or two about 'his other grandmother.'

    So stand strong, teenyuk.

    SwordofJack: keep your judgemental scriptures to yourself - you ain't no elder in here, pal. Think about your post here the next time you come trolling for sympathy with a story of your dead dad or your own terminal illness.

  • DanTheMan

    Funny, the Memorial was the last meeting I ever wanted to invite people to. Too weird, everybody passing the emblems, just grabbing the plate and cup, looking at them briefly, then passing them along...God how weird was that!!!! Just like the first century Christians (cough cough) Nobody partaking except Sister Prozac who has five home-schooled kids that can barely read and write.

    Go to that KH in our area Tina, I'm sure the above mentioned sister will be the first to love bomb you!

  • teenyuck

    Dan! Hi! i drive by that KH every few days now (on my way to Pickerington) and want to throw rocks at it...

  • DanTheMan

    3 times a week for 6 years I went to that sorry place. If you ever do stop to throw a rock, throw one for me too!

  • myself

    <sigh> so I guess in a few weeks the phone will be ringing even more so someone can get some more time and return visits to count.

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