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  • BoogerMan

    @ dropoff yourkeylee - according to Strong's Concordance, the definition used is accurate.

    σταυρός staurós, stow-ros'; from the base of G2476; a stake or post (as set upright), i.e. (specially), a pole or cross (as an instrument of capital punishment);

    Ultimately, whether or not a patibulum was added to the stake/post/pole upon which Christ was impaled, is not mentioned in the scriptures, nor is it of any importance concerning the Christian belief in Christ's sacrifice.

    The topic is perversely elevated to a status of great importance & reverence, to cause animosity/division between certain 'tribes' within Christian denominations - nothing less.

  • BluesBrother

    Their liberal use of the name Jehovah means that this translation will never be popular, but I find it interesting that a group of translators who claim to be non denominational have come to this conclusion.

    I find the text very readable . I don’t feel qualified to comment on its accuracy, but I will turn to it again fo comparison. Thank you for sharing.

  • iloowy.goowy

    So boogerman, don't get a rash over it.

    The meaning of phobos in that verse is well interpreted as reverence, that's why the 2Ktransies inserted Godly although not in the original.

    I told you that not in so many words but I guess you required some spoonfeeding, so there you have it.

    If you don't like my smartypants attitude I can accept that, just chalk it up to my flawed character, no worries ol' chap.

  • iloowy.goowy

    Concerning the use of pole by the 2Ktransies, I'll say, that to me it just betrays their lack of skill in Bible translation to the point of being ridiculously amusing.

    Their use of Jehovah exemplifies the high handed influence of JW mentality at work in their translation, especially when they include it in New Testament books.

    Last I'd heard of this translation project the original author was discontinuing the project due to personal issues and an ex-JW reached out to other ex-JW's, including Eric Wilson, to offer help in keeping the project going.

    So that should be quite telling of the level of scholarly achievement among the folks behind the Project, which is to say not that great.

    I find it very sad when an ex-JW is fully out physically but still enslaved mentally to the WT nonsense and doctrinal fallacies.

  • BoogerMan

    @ iloowy.goowy, I'm still waiting to hear your erudite understanding of the process of translation by the NASB., concerning the scriptural examples in 1 Peter 3:2,15 I provided you with.

    You are imitating the tactics which JW's use when cornered - ignore the question asked, and then use any means/asinine assertions to divert attention away from your inability to respond to the troublesome topic.

    Answer the question using reason & facts, but for goodness sake, give up the school-yard name-calling, it's pathetic. The topic was submitted in the FRIENDS section!

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