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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Ephesians 6:4 in the aforementioned translation

    Surely the intended word is counsel, not council. Maybe the translators should get themselves a dictionary.

  • LV101
    doykl - appreciate info. I will check out H/G Interlinears on amazon - nice to have one.
  • BoogerMan

    iloowy.goowy - You said, "Get yourself...a new NASB if you want a great translation without the weaknesses of the amateurish 2001translation."

    Here is the NASB rendering of 1 Peter 3:2,15 - “...as they observe your chaste and respectful behavior....yet with gentleness and reverence;"

    Here is the weak & amateurish 2001 Translation's version - "...when they see the fear that you’re showing by being pure.... However, do it calmly and with [Godly] fear."

    A simple check of the original Greek will show you that the NASB is perpetuating the wrong & flawed translation of the the word phobos, from which we get 'phobia' or 'fear.'

    The NASB - like the NWT and many other Bibles - amateurishly plagiarised the false translation.

    At least the KJV got it right.

  • iloowy.goowy

    Eegads boogerman. Don't you understand the process of translation. No, I guess not. Why do you suppose there are square brackets arround Godly in the 2001translation? Is it in the original? Why do the 2Ktransies feel it was necessary?


    I'd suggest you are out of your league on the matter of evaluating translation quality, ol' chap.

  • BoogerMan

    iloowy.goowy - your superior knowledge and skills in the Greek language are clearly evident for everyone to see, ol' chap! Not to mention, your interpersonal prowess.

    You emulate the JW mentality - when you can't/won't answer a direct statement or fact, just attack the person.

    Don't you understand the process of discussion? No, I guess not.

    This is how it works: Someone asks a question/makes a statement, the other person responds to the point made.

    Please respond once you have compared the NASB translation of 1 Peter 3:2,15. It's not difficult.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Galatians 2:20. They have used 'pole' rather than cross or stake

  • blondie

    I use biblehub to compare a lot of translations/revisions at the same time to get a more blended version. www.biblehub.com

  • LV101

    Any fave translations in your library, blondie?

  • Wonderment

    dropoffyourkeylee: "The WT produced and still has (on their app) a Greek Interlinear, but they have never produced a Hebrew Interlinear."

    I once asked Albert Schroeder if the Society had any intention in producing a Hebrew-English Interlinear, and he responded at the time by saying that there already was an excellent H-E Interlinear on the market. He was referring to the NIV Hebrew-English Interlinear Old Testament.

    But I suspect that Schroeder was justifying their lack of interest in producing their own WT Hebrew Interlinear since he hinted at the same time that the Old Testament was less of an area of controversy than the more ubiquitous and popular New Testament.

    Some may conclude the Society does not have anyone capable enough to tackle a Hebrew-English Interlinear, but I don't think this is the real reason for the lack of one. Actually, if history is any indication, when the Society sets their mind to it, they will find the way to get it done. The WTS recently published the COMPLETE NWT in modern Hebrew. This is no small task, and a rare one I might add, since there is only a small number of Witnesses in the land of Israel.




  • BoogerMan

    @ iloowy.goowy, I'm still waiting to hear your erudite understanding of the process of translation by the NASB., concerning the scriptural examples in 1 Peter 3:2,15 I provided you with?

    If you're going to attack & disparage people who simply express an opinion/choice on this forum, maybe you should go away and address some of your personality issues - then come back and talk decently to folks.

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