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    Nite Fire,

    WELCOME! This is a good place to learn. Keep reading.

    "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." An organization (like the Watchtower Society) with imperfect humans shouldn't point the finger at other imperfect humans in other religions, while three fingers are pointing right back to itself. For years, the Society has lambasted Catholics, Protestants, etc. for their sins. Now it wants to ignore its own. It want work.

  • Nitefire

    Thankyou for your comments. In regards to the WT still having the "truth", some have mentioned to read Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz, could someone inform me on the content, wheather it is attacking the org, the belifes, bible practices, misinterpreting of the bible, hypocrisy of elders and conflicts belifes?

    To everyone; What are your perceptions of the truth and the bible contains? It seems many differ to what the truth is and what the bible contains, cause i would like to start gathering this valueable info/ideas and knowledge present here to better communicate to others here ..

    Is the bible truth in general correct?

    Teaching of WTS incorrect?


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  • Joker10

    I also, like you believe that organization has the deepest respect than others for God and have the truth.

  • SixofNine

    Have you ever givin any serious, critical thought to why you even believe the bible is from god in the first place? Who wrote the bible? What was the context of their writing? When were the various parts written? And perhaps most importantly, do you agree with the choices of the Catholics who compiled the various books?

    One thing is for certain, the organization has no respect for truth. By taking that word "truth" and "trademarking" it, as it were, they have changed it's meaning from something akin to "fact", and made it mean, "what we say". What they say, is not based on facts... and they have frightened the rank and file witness from doing an honest search for facts... for fear of the obvious, those facts will disagree with their words.

    To use the type of hyperbole found in the bible, the organization has sodomized the word "truth". I regret that at one time I took part in that.

    The TRUTH should have nothing to fear from honest research. Nothing.

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