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  • Nitefire

    Hi all,,just found the site the other day and was quiet amazed, shocked and saddened all at once. I guess thats expected when the WTS organisation is run by humans, not abiding in various cases to the bible teaching.

    Its hearting to seen that so-called witnesses would treat their own/people is such manner as brought out on this site, to me they are not witnesses to jehovah, my family have gone through similar experiences where elders sought to make a mess out of nothing and cause grief to us that was not needed resulted in a dissoiation from the WTS.

    My family is now living the way they want to and not reflecting back on what occured there, I sleep easy at night knowing that thoses misleading will be judged and all have to render account to god. I belive in the bible and even tho the WTS screwed up on numerous accounts they still have the truth, other than other religions i know and looked in to.

    I look forward to your replies if any.

    P.S So start living dont make it your focus to "get back at the witnesses in general", vengence is not ours, but comfort those who have been skinned and thrown about....


    Nitefire: welcome to the forum.

    I hope you'll stick around, and not just a one-time only affair.

    You'll find lots of diverse and well-informed participants on this forum. Some stuff, as you have noted, may be quite shocking, but at least here: we have nothing to hide.

    The participants on here are helpful, have a wealth of information (scriptural/non-scriptural) as some of us do not hold the view that anything affiliated with the WTBTS is the 'truth'. So you'll encounter all sorts of ex-JWs on here. Be patient, don't get scared or freaked out. Over time you will see that many of the folks on here, are genuinely concerned and outspoken.

    Welcome to the forum, and don't be afraid to post questions on here. Be prepared for some agreements/disagreements.

    We even have a wild and wacky sense of humour .

    The exit from the WTBTS is not an overnight affair, and much of their teachings remain in us for a very long time. Every minute/day/week/month and year away, changes our view, our feeling and view towards what we thought or believed it once was.

    Take care Nitefire. Best regards to you.

  • shera

    Hi Nitefire and welcome.

    Only one thing I don't agree with..the witneses have the truth ,you said.

    When I looked into the bible myself and compared scriptures,I seen that they donot have the truth in many things.I had many things pointed out from other people and I see how they twisted things and they reversed scriptures in the WT to make it sound what they are teaching is right.Thats what I believe and I'm not here to debate with you just to say WELCOME and Glad your here!

    But thats whats great about this place we can say what "we" believe as seperate persons.

  • email

    WELCOME Nitefire...

    Its hearting to seen that so-called witnesses would treat their own/people is such manner as brought out on this site

    This is very true... as MANY of us have experienced.

    I still don't understand as Shera mentioned why while you are acknowledging their ERRORS you still say:

    I belive in the bible and even tho the WTS screwed up on numerous accounts they still have the truth

    Anyway... I really hope you can keep reading, researching and posting...

    Best Wishes...


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Welcome NF. Razorblade has given you some interesting suggestions. Don't back off from anyone.

    Guest 77

  • onacruse

    Nitefire, welcome!

    other than other religions i know and looked in to.

    Keep on with your investigation. You may well discover that spirituality doesn't require subscribing to a particular religion, and that in fact being "religious" may be more of a hindrance than a help. After all, wasn't that one of the themes of Jesus' ministry? The Israelites had had "the true religion" (insofar as the OT suggests) and yet their institution so undermined true spirituality that Jesus not only condemned it, he also threw it totally away.


  • Swan

    Dear Nitefire,

    WELCOME! It is nice to have you here. I am glad your conscience led you away from a situation that was clearly to you hypocrisy. When I first came to this board I was a little overwhelmed myself, even though I had disassociated myself 8 years before. A new friend I met through this board (Joy2BFree) recommended that I get the book "Crisis of Conscience" by Raymond Franz. He was a member of the governing body in the seventies and stepped down from it circa 1980. His book is a clear and concise account of what he found out as a member of the GB, and how the hypocrisy bothered his conscience too. I read it and it helped me put things in perspective. Best wishes in your journey.


  • SheilaM


    Welcome to the board!

  • pr_capone

    Welcome to the forum! I hope you find it as helpful and healing as I have.

    There are alot of GREAT people on this board. Keep posting!


  • Shakita



    After you read Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz.........come back and tell us that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has the "truth"..............if after you read this book you still believe that the society is the sole channel to God.........then maybe you should go back and read it again. The excuse that the org. is made up of imperfect humans is just a cop-out that the society uses to ruin people's lives and get away with it.

    Keep posting and researching the JW organization, its secret history and hurtful practices. Remember...knowledge is power!

    Mrs. Shakita

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