Is This The Party to whom I am Speaking?

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  • CoonDawg

    Well, I called JW HQ today. In the conversations that I had with the elders that were privy to the details of my daughter's molestation case, they assured me that they "had been in contact w/ HQ." Now either this is total BS, or the society directed them to NOT go to the law, as required. So, I wanted to find out. Unbeknownst to me...the lawyers at HQ work banker's hours. They don't take weekend calls or, I'll be phoning them. I was cautioned that it was "not my business" by one of the elders involved when I asked him which departments that they had communicated with. SO, I figure it's up to me to do this on my own. Yep, I'll have my recorder handy, as TN is a singel party consent recording state.

    I'll let you know what the tell me.

    Y'all take care...


  • pr_capone

    Good luck man! I hope you get the answers you are looking for, and I hope you nail those bastards to the wall.


  • email

    PLEASE... Keep us posted Coon!!

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Duh!!!!!!!!!!! Run that part about "Not your business" by me again?????? Who do they think they are?... Seems like they will do whatever they think they can get away with!.... Time to put a stop to that! "Good Luck" Coon Dawg! Snoozy.....

  • SheilaM


    I hope you nail those putz, not your business WHO THE H****business do they think it is. Please keep us posted and if you get a good tape contact a large, large news service these people need this exposure across the world to let everyone see their true colors.

  • Elsewhere

    Here is my advice...

    If you haven't already, contact Child Protective Services immediately. Tell them what you know and suspect of your child being molested.

    Also, make sure you tell them that the elders are conducting their own internal investigation and are working with the legal department of the WTS. They will be very interested in this little tidbit of information because the elders were supposed to contact the CPS. The elders are also "contaminating" the victim by having "untrained volunteers" question the victim. They have also admitted that the WTS’s legal department is a party to this act.

    Make sure you mention to the CPS that when you asked the elders about the status of the investigation, you were told that it is none of your business.

  • happyout

    My deep sympathy to your daughter and your family. It's this kind of thing that unfortunately helps me understand vigilante killings. Because if someone who knew my child had been molested told me it was "not my business" to know to whom it had been reported, I think they would be in for a serious beat down. Best of luck to you in your quest, and please keep us posted.


  • CoonDawg

    Well, I fianlly spoke to Bethel today. The guy was a real putz. He was a total moron. He kept missing the whole point of why I was calling. He told me to write the branch about not being informed by the elders. He then went on to tell me how great the anti-child abuse policy is and how progressive they are at enforcing it.

    After that, I went ahead and called in some help. I had been in contact w/ kim norris, but things seem to be a bit on hold. I spoke to Bill and he said he would make sure that Kim gets back in touch w/ me. He said that they are also trying to get Dateline to do a followup and would I mind giving permission to tell them about me? Of course, I said sure thing. Will I be DF? probably...Do I care? not really.

    I'll keep y'all posted.


  • Mary

    It's "none of your business"? Right.......I guess it was none of your business that your daughter was molested either.......what a bunch of assholes. Keep us posted, and good luck!!

  • Joyzabel

    "He then went on to tell me how great the anti-child abuse policy is and how progressive they are at enforcing it."



    <wiping mouth, rinsing with water and spitting>

    I can't believe they say such BS.

    opps, gotta go........<hurling>

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