Another Busted Family

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  • Will Power
    Will Power
    It's all a matter of how you want to deal with this 3rd person (organization) that's slowly and insidiously "creeped" into your relationship and set itself up as head.

    This IS the main point as I see it. And 3 is a CROWD. I wish the WT would get out of my life!

    How can they say their beliefs are "there own private blah blah bla" and that studying will only make the family better. The non-jws are the ones that have life as they have known it ripped apart as if they mean NOTHING.

    Ah, Monday morning, love it.


  • Francois

    Do you all get the impression that arguing about this is like arguing about whether it is nobler to leave the seat up or leave it down?

    Me, I'm a leave it like you leave it man. I feel that women should learn to work the toilet seat, including the fine art of looking before they, um, sit. There is no normal position, only favored ones, depending on your sex. So why don't we all just learn to work the frickin' thing and leave it at that? (I know this is going to cause me no end of trouble, but there it is.)


  • Mary

    "....arguing about this is like arguing about whether it is nobler to leave the seat up or leave it down?..."

    There should never be an argument about that. Everyone knows that the toilet seat should be put down.

  • Sargon
    The non-jws are the ones that have life as they have known it ripped apart as if they mean NOTHING.

    Amen to this statement. I've seen it happen time and time again. It's happened in my family in the 70's, I see it happening again. Trying to compromise with a person being roped in by the WTS is like beating your head against a brick wall, it only feels good when you stop.

    Welcome to the board 95storm, your story sounds alot like mine was nearly 30 years ago. Good luck.

  • berylblue

    As a former Witness who got baptized while married to a nominal Catholic, I have to say that I felt terribly guilty over introducing my new beliefs to my husband and daughters, and went out of my way to make sure he was at least only minimally impacted. Now, in retrospect, I see that this was not in any way, shape or form the actuality. I feel for him now. True, in everything that did not go against what I perceived at the time to be God's will, I bent over backward for the man. I went out of my way to make up for the things I had given up. I bought him gifts all the time; did whatever he wanted, stayed home from meetings if he expressed loneliness...He was a lazy dope smoking abuser, quite frankly, and I had to take it all in the name of wifely submission. With a smile, I might add. He never spent one minute of time with the kids while I, as a result, became hopelessly enmeshed, to say the least.

    Still, I feel bad now. Our marriage was terrible, to put it mildly, a hotbed of abuse and neglect. But I can see now where this only made things worse. He said we had nothing in common once I stopped smoking dope and voting. So that tells you a little about what kind of "union" this marriage was. But I need to see it from his viewpoint: I was the one who left first. So he felt justified in leaving me for real after a few years of JW nonsense.

    I was doing what I really believed to be right at the time. I hope he has forgiven me. I hope my children have forgiven me.


  • outoftheorg

    Read all the posts here and can understand each persons perspective and thoughts. In the end it all resulted in a lot of heartache, grief and anger.

    In my own case, there were several things that lead to the divorce. None of them were what is termed scriptural reasons as defined by the wbts.

    The problem was the elders gladly stepped in and exacerbated the situation with their hateful actions and accusations. It seemed they enjoyed participating in the destruction of a marriage and then the ripping apart of family ties. As others have mentioned it was like an unwanted evil intruder had joined the marriage and became my ex wifes counselor and confidant. She actually told me that if she needed advice, she would go to the elders. Mine was not welcome.This was some time before the eventual divorce. Then after I was df'd and not to be spoken to. The ex was being held in comtempt of court on a felony charges, regarding divorce agreements and she was the good person in the eyes of the elders and other jw's.

    Go figure.


  • Carmel

    Bull crap Mary. I take aim with the seat up, and then dutifully replace it to "normal", but only because I've personally sat down in the dark and almost got my rudder hung up on the shallows. Down is not the only way, just the least likely to result in sleeping with Fido.;


  • outoftheorg

    Now now Carmel. Lets make a little compromise here. This is what I do to get along. I made an agreement with the wife. I would put the seat down every time I used it. IF she would agree to leave it UP every time after she used it. That way if it was ever left up and she went skinny diping, it was HER doing.


  • 95stormfront

    Actually all, I'd much rather prefer both the seat and the cover stay down when the crapper is not in use. I just don't like looking down into the toilet bowl everytime I walk in the bathroom. It (the bathroom) is used for more things than taking a dump.

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