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  • Mary

    Has anyone here ever played with a Ouija Board? If so, did anything weird happen?

  • dmouse


    But, many, many years ago, when I was at school, some of the 'bad' pupils were rumoured to have had a go. I heard that some tough girls were sent screaming from the room.

    It's all rumour. It's all second hand information. Always.

    In fact, It's all bollocks, just clever manipulation of impressionable minds. Just like the jw religion.

  • joannadandy

    Nope but I am dying to...just to see for myself...I have a feeling nothing will happen...but I would like to try for myself to see what does happen...inquiring minds want to know

  • Elsewhere

    What about an Online Ouijia Board?

    Everyone will take their mouse and move it around on the screen and the system will take the average position of the mouse and place it at that location on the Ouijia Board on the screen.

  • Mary

    My sister tried one years ago, just after she left the Borg. She was at some people's house with her then-boyfriend and she wanted to try it to see if anything would happen. (she had the rather strange notion that nothing would happen because she had been a Witness).

    Anyway, she and the other person (that she had only met that night) started working it, and she asked it for the last name of her previous boyfriend. The board spelt out: M-E-L-E-N-B-O-C-K-E-R and she absolutely freaked as this was indeed, the last name of her previous boyfriend. No one in the room would have known that so she figured it was in fact, demons. She never tried it again.

    My mom told me she and her girlfriend also tried it when they were about 10 years old (before my Grandma became a Witness) and it worked for them all the time. At the time, they had no conception that it could be demons or something else, they just thought it was a cool thing to try........

  • plmkrzy
    Nope but I am dying to

    You might consider re-phrasing that before you try it, just incase.

  • Ginosko


    I’m not proud to tell this and neither liked, but maybe is useful.

    When I was approximately 15 years, my brother teach some members of the family a “play” similar to the OUIJA. We used a coup of whine glass a candle table and papers with letters and numbers write in each paper. The family played maybe two o three times with my brother and then one time I teach the play to a cousin 13 years old. I played one night with only my cousin and believe or not the whine glass moves straight and quick to the letters giving us several letters of perfect word, nothing similar to and average position and place. I stopped to play because the spirit tell us that she was the soul of a prostitute and we were gays. I didn’t like it and I never played again. The family also never played again.

    We were only two persons, the glass moves quickly and straight and. my cousin was to innocent to fake me. Also if both wanted it will never moved like that. I also had other “experiences” with the so called demons in my life, not with the OUIJA, that's the reasons because I believe that there are some kind of spirits or force than we can’t control.

    I strongly believe that playing with this maybe very dangerous. Maybe a lot of the forum will not agree with me, but that’s my experience.

  • gitasatsangha

    Clearly the Ouiji Board works. Problem perhaps is that people are "playing" with something that is really not a toy. If, as many suspect, the Ouiji board gives your "subconsious" a change to speak it's mind, then that may be a useful tool, but like powerful psychotropics, if it is used just for kicks, it might deliver information or at least subtle hints at information that the user is just not prepared to understand. What we don't understand, we invariable consider "occult" and either give it too much grandeur or cower in fear before.

    Using a Ouiji Board to know yourself is a bit like using hydrogen bombs to dig building foundations, IMHO.

    "Can you give me what you have?" -- I asked him this question, but that man didn't answer, so after some lapse of time I repeated that question -- "I am asking 'Whatever you have, can you give it to me?'" He said, "I can give you, but can you take it?" -U.G. Krishnamurti from "The Mystique of Enlightenment".


    Hocus Pocus - hmm..nothing happened..geez ?

    If you have a 'belief' in such things mixed without proper knowledge and background information on the origins and usage of the 'OUIJA BOARD', then peoples' interpretations, and some former/present JW addage, could possibly manifest itself in 'predictable ways' ie: 'you know it's bad, it's an operating device of the demons...'

    Post-JW, I know I still clung on to some of that stuff. When I actually read a bit more about so-called 'occult' activities, pagan topics, etc., with proper explanations behind them, then the demon factor seemed hilarious.

    A friend of mine, a practicing 'pagan' who has spent years studying this topic and investigating it way deeper than I ever have, told me of many incidents when ill-informed fundamentalists (Christain especially) dabble in these things. It's like their psychological 'wishful thinking' comes into play to either credit the power of the Ouija board; or discredit it as demonic and should be avoided at all costs.

    He indicated that for some who have this unbased fear in it, tend to have a Catch 22 approach with it. If you try it, obtaining info you requested and it's positive or correct, it worked! If you tried it and received an obscure or negative request, it worked! - BUT...not the way you had hoped it to - thus the DEMONS were behind it.

    Like our behaviour, and the study of psychiatry, our actions and way we behave can be analyzed in great depth. If we use an Ouija board to vicariously inquire/predict what we ask or put into it, then we'd have to ask ourselves 'why am I using this, when I could simply ask myself the same questions' ?

    If we cannot find the answers to our questions, perhaps it is only a matter of time before we figure it out on our own, or have to have some sort of life experience to enrich our own personal analysis processing. I don't need an Ouija board for that, nor seek 'fortune tellers' to gain the answers to my life's questions.

    If you ask the Ouija board something you know, and you are operating it, chances are the results will not be that surprising.

    The WTBTS is very effective in frightening its followers. Because we were forbidden to study or delve into such topics, many of us 'stopped learning' or 'questioning'. If the opportunity availed itself to learn more about the topic of: Ouija boards, pagan practices and other related topics, chances are, with informed knowledge and proper investigation, items such as Ouija boards may take on an entirely different banal existance.

    Ouija boards may spell out to you as a JW/XJW: G - E - T O - U - T W - T - B - T - S

    Anything, any item that could take away any percentage of dedication and devotion to the WTBTS, will be bad no matter what. If you think about it, Ouija boards pale in comparison to a multitude of other 'stay away from' items.

    It's 100%+ devotion to the BORG, nothing less.

    Myself, I don't use a Ouija Board, I use a Squeegie Board and a Cutting Board.

  • Undecided

    I read somewhere that if you close your eyes it won't work, it's all in your head and you make it work.

    Ken P.

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