Trends Where The Society Is Impotent

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  • battman

    hi mox,

    <well, i dont think any of these are game-breakers,
    just steady trends. the WT will continue to post
    steady numbers for a long time to come...>

    i think they will too, but only in new territories.
    Their steady numbers in 1st world countries will also be
    steady, downwards that is. The org. will be have to be
    making some signicant changes to retain current
    and attract new converts. I b thinking they new
    a new leader like an Lee Iacocoa or maybe Colin
    Powell. They are in super Catch-22 land and they
    could maybe hire Billy "Preacher Boy" Clinton.

    < i dont think any of these are game-breakers, >
    Very true as with their cash flow, cash reserves,
    zero debt, free labor and tax exempt status they
    could be around as long as it takes for the A Day
    to arrive, maybe forever. lol

    As Jesus said "the poor will always be with us".
    so will people willing the "follow" and esp. those who
    like the power trip of being an elduh.

    I always enjoy your posts, thanks

    (of the very po' class)

  • battman

    hi JT<
    thanks for your comments.

    <and they can't change thier track record>

    keep your old literature everybody as we
    know they are trying to erase and rewrite

    Ask Tricky Dick Nixon or Slick Willie Clinton,
    the coverup is usually worse than the crime.
    Be a man, just say:
    "Dad, i chopped the tree down and i am very repentful."
    "Please forgive me."

    of the CYA class

  • battman

    Good Morning JellyRoll,

    <Many of the new members were people
    that come from the edge of society like prisoners, mentally ill, and the slightly retarded. I
    think as human society evolves and the org. stays the same the ratio of impaired
    witnesses to relatively normal witnesses is going to continue to increase.>

    "watchyasayinwillis? you b saying battboy is impared. lol (i do worry about myself). Actually
    i always thought that your observation was true as to current members but
    your thought on the increasing ratio makes total sense. tooooo funny, also sad.

    < but really I don’t see how the organization could be run any worse>
    Yikes, does that mean it can only get better???? lol
    of the grossly impeared class

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