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  • Robdar


    Yep, I was at the apostafest. It was very crowded in Animal's room where the webcam was. But I did appear on camera a couple of times. And I understand that somebody cammed my legs. So, if you saw legs in a very short skirt, they were mine.

    I look forward to meeting you too. BTW, how is that art work coming along? Have you posted it yet?



  • Brummie

    Hey Robdar...I saw you standing there in your sexy mini and I knew twas you....and then you opened the fridge door (probably to get a drink) and then the camera went off you and onto littletoe smoking his joint lol! Not bad huh, I just watched for about 10 minutes and saw ya...I was waving



  • Robdar


    I wish I had known you were waving. I would have waved back and shown you a little more leg since you are my favorite kitty.

    the camera went off you and onto littletoe smoking his joint lol

    I couldn't believe all the dope that Little Toe was smoking! He was a fiend!

    I wish you could have been there, Brummie.

    Love ya,


  • Brummie

    I would have waved back and shown you a little more leg

    BWAHAAHAHAH I was trying to trace someones phone number to phone you up and ask you to wave a leg, ah well, we aint seen the photo's yet.


  • eisenstein

    No Robdar,

    But I'm still working on it. I will let you know when I post it.

  • ballistic

    Oh, well, not long to go now. I just did it to prove to myself I could go without alcohol for over a month. Seems easy now, but if you said to me a year ago, you will give up smoking, loose 32 lbs and give up drinking for over a month, I would have called you a liar or laughed.

  • Francois

    Kenneson, I don't for a moment believe that Jesus engaged in such a practice regardless of what the partially informed bible writer asserts.

    For instance, I could write, "And when Jesus was alone, leaving his apostles behind, he arranged with an adolescent named Levi, who hung around the scenes of the apostle's camp when Jesus was present, to bring him food every third day he spent on the mountain. Levi was to leave the food in a stone container that Jesus showed him, bringing the food with the help of a donkey that Jesus had acquired in town. After the forty days of prayer, Jesus came down the mountain and, meeting young Levi, released him from his responsibilities in connection with bringing him food, and also giving young Levi the donkey in payment for the discharge of his responsibilities."

    And I challenge you or anyone else to prove that something very like this didn't happen. Or to tell me where Jesus was for 18 mysterious years. Or to explain a lot of other things that the apostles wrote.

    THINK. These men didn't understand Jesus when he was standing before them face to face. How much less did they understand when, in their dotage years later, they wrote what they remembered of his life.

    Come on. Forty days without food? That is abuse of the body in which I don't believe Jesus would have engaged.


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