How Did You Find This Forum?

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  • Gopher

    1. My DA'd sister asked if I had read the newspaper article regarding the re-organization of the WT Society into 3 operating units. She directed me to the newspaper's website, this was in January 2001.

    2. The newspaper article listed two websites: the official WTS website (which I already knew about and wasn't really interested in) and Randy Watter's website:

    3. I read the freeminds website for about a month.

    4. Then in February 2001 I followed some of the links out of the freeminds website, and one of those was here.

    5. After about 3 weeks of lurking, I finally joined here on 17 Mar 2001.

    6. I cannot give up looking at this place almost everyday.

  • Brummie

    I saw it mentioned on H20 and began peeking in every so often but never posted. Then after a year of not coming here Bill Bowen mentioned it to me and I came back and dived in head first.




    Nice pic . . . is that you? Woo Hoo! <wishing I had dollar bills . . . Canadian Loonies just don't have the same effect somehow . . .>

    My friend Debbie told me about this forum. She is a disassociated person who lives in the same city as myself and we used to attend the same congregation once upon a time in our previous lifetimes. Here is the post if anyone wants a quick read . . .


  • CoonDawg

    My little sis told me first about Freeminds and then this site. I'm glad I came around. I have visited the beyond jw site for quite some time now, but only recently started being active posting here. I think when I first visited, there was alot of flam-warring going on. It cooled off and here I am.

    BTW...for those of you who don't sis is Banshee. I have also re-met a couple of others here. So, I'm glad I'm here. Thanks everyone for doing what it is you do to make this place great.


  • Kophagangelos

    It is better than the old!


    Leave it to Rayzorblade to sniff out another XJW site. For the most part, many sites I partook of, were exhausting or annoying.

    One evening, I was doing ex-Jehovah's Witness searches via Google. Google came up with endless links, and I checked various ones. H20 bored me to tears (didn't partake) just read some stuff there, totally wasn't for me. Had been in-touch with some Yahoo groups. But that fell apart.

    So, the one link via Google was the - that's how I found out about this forum.

    I believe there was a link within that site, and presto! here I am.

    I read some of the posts, and I could tell that for the most part, people here were vibrant, and extremely diverse and had a wicked sense of humour. That drew me in immediately.

    It offers a wealth of information to so many. Best site, that I have ever been involved with, hands down.

  • plmkrzy

    I don't remember how I got here. I use to know some witness sisters that would evesdrop on occasion and I saw the site on one of thier computers. I didn't even have a computer yet. Then when I did get a computer I couldn't remember the exact URL, and there were just way too many JW sites. I started reading Randy's site and got on his mailing list. I think thats how I ended up with the link to this site. From surfing and exploring Randy's site. I wasn't even really interested that much in "finding out info" on JWs as I was still active at the time. I jst remember seeing "The Watchers of The Watchtower" with the big eye and it cracked me up. I think there was a link to different ejx sites, or "rehabiltation" networks. One of those lead me back to JWD. So it was mostly curiosity that motivated me at the time. I still didn't post for a long time though. And when I finally did post for the first time, almost exactly 9 months later, the time it takes to give birth, I felt like I needed to close the curtains first. LOL!!!!

  • Jim_TX

    I came here - after posting for over a couple of years on the 'Beyond JWs' forum (aka 'Tim's Forum'). I still post there from time to time - mostly in the Wisteria Section.

    Each has its' merits IMO.

    I have been posting/lurking here for over a year, or so.

    I prefer the enlightening, and uplifting posts to the 'let's trash 'em' posts. <grin>


    Jim TX

  • imanaliento

    I had to ask my husband how he found it since I'm on here because of him.

    Last year he was starting to notice how people were being treated- example. the congregation was predominatly white and a black brother was DF, when this brother would come in and sit he noticed how sad he was and when he smiled at him the guys whole disposition would change, hubby would then get scouring looks from elders.

    as time went on and more questions were going through his head he went to and typed in jehovahs witnesses and landed here.

  • SpannerintheWorks



    Nice pic . . . is that you? Woo Hoo!

    Of course it is! LOL! Actually, it is a picture of Michael the Archangel. Well not exactly him, but a

    pretty good impression of him. But what the hell! The poor dubbies are led to believe that Jesus is

    non other than MTA, so why can't I be MTA. In fact I am, BTW. Only differences between this "wordly"

    picture and I are that I am better looking, have a better tan and my are bigger!


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